"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese!!!!

Chuck E. Cheese...I remember going to Showbiz as a little girl and now, I am taking my little girls there! Nothing better than best friends, great pizza, and who else...Chuck E. Cheese himself!
My dear friends Shannon and Jen, and their families all met up for some indoor play time for the kids and a night off for the mommies. The daddies even took the toddlers for awhile and we got to sit and talk- so nice! I feel so blessed to have these 2 precious women as friends...they're like sisters to me! Our oldest children were all born within 5 months of each other and they have been best little buddies since! What an honor it is to learn and grow from each others as mommies and wives. My dear friends, your hearts are deeply rooted in His love and truth. Thank you for being in my life! Love you!
Emma LOVED "Cheese"
Emma & Keaton

Emma & Sulley
Emma is going through this phase of smiling for the camera while screaming "cheese!" and squinting her eyes...

The youngest ones in the batch...Nolan (10 months) and Sophie (1 year)
(You know you're getting old when this is what you do for an evening of fun!!!)
Here's to many more family play dates!

Monday, December 28, 2009

An Angel

So, last week Chris had neck surgery to remove a tumor (not cancerous) and then, we went downhill from there!
Emma and I were at Outback with some friends celebrating our wonderful friend Gerod's birthday and she threw up 6 times at the table, at the restaurant! So we walked/dripped our way to the car and home for some more "fun".
This is gross, but I am so proud and must share...
The on-call nurse said to get Emma to sleep and the vomiting would decrease. So hesitantly, I put her back in her bed (she had been in ours), gave her a bowl, encouraged her to use the bowl and say "mommy" of she threw up. I slept with the monitor on high and about every 2 hours, I would hear her "use the bowl" and then say "Mommy, I'm all done!" I would go in there, wash out the bowl, and she'd go back to sleep...seriously? She amazes me every day!
Emma was supposed to be the angel in the nativity play this year at church. All week we have been talking about the angel visiting Mary with "good news". Emma would go up and tell strangers "The angel came to Mary, and said 'good news, you gonna have a BABY and call Him Jesus!'" When I told her we weren't going to house church, she burst into tears and asked for her halo. So I gave it to her and she wore it all day long.
(her lovely bowl)

1st Tyler Christmas

This year we traveled to Tyler, TX to spend Christmas with Chris' family! We spent the week eating, baking, playing, shopping, eating, Doke family traditions, reading, napping...our kids had a blast and were pretty worn out by the end of the week. Oh and we managed to pass on the stomach flu to MacKenzie and I got it too...sorry we thought we were well! We missed out on the snow blizzard of the decade back in Norman, so getting home was a very focused drive. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family to welcome us into their home, make us dinner, love us well, and celebrate our Savior's birth! We love you Tyler Doke's, miss you already!

Emma opening gifts

Trevor and Emma tracking Santa

Austin, Aunt Joleen and Emma make a gingerbread house

MacKenzie and Cassidy making Jesus' birthday cake and reindeer food with Emma
(Uncle Geoff, where are you?!?!)

On our way to a candle lit Christmas Eve service to sing carols, be with family, and worship!
We were so sad mommy got sick and we couldn't make it for Christmas day dinner at the Dallas Doke's house. We love you guys and we'll be back soon! xoxo

The Weekend Update

Emma got her hair cut last weekend...she sat at Sports Clips (hair salon for men/boys) for 45 minutes while a lady cut her hair. (I think it took so long because they're used to buzz cuts and trims, and not layers and bangs!)

On our way to Waggs' 30th birthday celebration!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caroline Rentzel Photography

Our sweet friend Caroline is launching her new photography business...oh, but it is so much more than a business, it's a gift from the Lord!
We came to know Caroline through my best friend Jenny. Caroline was the first babysitter I ever left Emma with as a baby. She is currently a student at OU and is pursuing her love of photography.
We were blessed to have her come to our home and take some family pictures.
Sophie Lynn

Emma Rose

We LOVE you Caroline! You are a blessing to our family and our children are so blessed to be around you!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Griswold's

And we're off...let the traditions begin! We love the Sooners, but I must say I am glad football season is over and Chris is home on Saturdays now!
We kicked off the month with a trip to a tree farm with Ray's!
Emma Rose & Millie Jean
After you pick and cut down your tree, you get to thaw inside with apple cider and candy canes.
(Daddy and Sophie watching football and eating chips and salsa)

Emma and I stayed up late and made Christmas ornaments and drank hot cocoa!

Clark W. Griswold
We are so impressed with daddy's skills to cut down our Christmas tree!

So it looked kind of big on the farm...then we got it home and it was seriously a scene out of the movie.
Chris cut the ties and the limbs went everywhere and so did needles!

A few HOURS later it was cleaned up and here's the final result!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Quiet in the House...

This morning, the house was quiet, which usually means someone is up to some mischievous behavior...
so I came around the corner and this is all I saw...
Sweet Sophie Lynn...just enjoying some cereal...
Love you Lynn, you may be tiny, but your JOY and SWEETNESS shines big and bright!