Thursday, May 13, 2010

mother's day part 2

for mother's day, my sweet hubby took me to The Warren dinner theater to see Iron Man 2...which is really good by the way!
we met up with the Boyd's and the soon-to-be Hill's (grant & emma) for some delicious dinner in the balcony while we watched the movie. what a great way to celebrate mother's day- no cooking or dishes! yay!
thanks for the wonderful date babe!
thank you Jesus for my sweet girls and the one to come!
thanks Alicia for giving us a date night every week!!!
(and just in case you haven't heard the news...we're having another GIRL and we're really excited!!!! I'm 19 weeks pregnant, 20 weeks to go and she'll be here! Names in the running thus far:
chris: Madison, Isabella, Sam
megan: Hannah, Abigail, Ellie
emma: Pink Doke
sophie: not quite sure what's going on here yet, other than mom's belly is growing!

1 comment:

  1. wasn't your pup named sam?

    my vote is with emma: Pink. or perhaps josephina.