Friday, May 21, 2010

summer is here!

summer is least the high 80's weather is here!
we went to swim and play at Loli's with a big group of mommies and kiddos...I was just telling chris how much easier it is when the spring rain stops and we can play outside all day long!
(haynes, emma, alicia, laura, port)
these 2 girls are such a blessing to our family and all of the families they know! they played with our kids for the longest time on the trampoline and it's so sweet to see them pour into our kids and love them so well!
we love you "alicia brown" and "lord-a" (laura)!!!!
sweet millie jean LOVES the water!
(isaiah, millie, ella, port, emma)
the mommies were laughing and saying, "one day when our kids are 18, we'll show them these pictures and laugh"...or in my case, cry! they had so much fun playing in the sand!
boo...not a huge fan of the pool at the moment...but the ruffles are cute!
sweet gracie (background) talking to owen
a tired lynn...
and of course...a happy hour trip to Sonic to finish the afternoon off right!
emma's favorite drink: lemonade
today makes me so excited for the summer months to come!!!

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