Thursday, July 15, 2010

just a day

we've been in a heat advisory for a few days here in toasty Norman, OK...the advice from the local news has been "don't go outside unless it's necessary and for only a few minutes"...hmmm, that doesn't really work so much with kids, especially kids who LOVE to be outside all day long! we were a little sun-kissed and tired from the sun so we had a day of indoor things!
- birthday cupcake delivery to Grace
- fitting and measurements at Kim's for Emma's flower girl dress
- Target for new princess shoes and tiara's (of course!)
- CVS for vitamins (11 weeks and counting till baby girl makes her arrival!)
- Barnes & Noble to play with trains and pick out a book
- lunch with our dear friends the Lane's and Newton's

we saw our sweet friend Millie at B&N too!
sophie normally doesn't let anyone else (including chris!) hold her if I am around, but she loved Ned and I think was content with me leaving for the day!
kids' table for lunch! in case you ever want a gigantic cookie for $1, McAllister's is a great stop!
love you Lane's...wish we lived closer!

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  1. I love these days of errands and car time with the kiddo's. They are precious and priceless!