Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st DaY oF ScHoOL!!!

here's Emma posing for a pic on her first day of preschool at Gingerbread! when she was born, my friend Stephanie said to put her on the waiting list so I did...I can't believe the time is here already that she's going to preschool! she'll be going twice a week...and loving every minute of it!
chris wanted his princess to start the day off right: donuts & flowers
thanks muka & uncle damon for the card!
um...look at that smile! could she be happier!?!?!
it's been over 100 degrees here for over a month now...and it was pouring rain on our way to school!
sweet sophie...she was SO sad watching emma get out of the car, which, if you blinked, you missed her departure. :) once the door shut, sophie softly said "sissy?" over and over.
then we dropped chris off at work "da da?"
just you and me baby girl!
(and yes, I cried a little bit!)
emma rose,
we are so glad your first day went well (even though you already came home with an accident report form because you fell off the zip line and bruised/scratched your back and ribs)! we miss you, the house isn't the same without your sweet voice. we are so excited for what the Father has in store for you this year in your precious class of friends! we pray His JOY over you in this season!
you are loved little one, more than you know!
love you!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, look at that pose Emma Rose!!! Love you sweet girl-glad you had such a great first day!