"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Monday, May 31, 2010

brown pecan waffle recipe

Brown Pecan Waffle recipe
(a doke family favorite)
- follow your Bisquick or favorite recipe for waffles and then add...
- 2 tbl. brown sugar
- 1 tbl. sugar
- 1 teas. cinnamon
- 1 teas. almond or vanilla extract
- 1/4 cup diced pecans
top with your favorite fruit & enjoy!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

doke & his girls

chris took all of his girls on a date...pretty soon you'll be taking all 4 of us on dates!
first stop: (mommy's craving fulfilled) Victoria's
second stop: campus walk
emma loves the "mountains" (fountains)
if you live in Norman, summer time is the BEST time to go walk on campus! the students are gone, the stadium is empty...it's wonderful!
third stop...negotiated by emma rose: Orange Tree (there's no changing the name to Leaf in our house!)
we were talking about what we were going to do on our date and emma jumped in to give her input of "and then, we will go to orange tree and get ice cream with sprinkles."
hmm...sounds good to me!
sweet sophie lynn only wanted a little bit...very un-doke-like
thanks for the fun date!
love, your girls

memorial day weekend in texas

chris' family are all in Texas...dallas, flower mound, and tyler.
one of his older brothers John and his wife and 4 kids invited us to stay for the weekend...emma looked forward to it for weeks!
let the fun begin!
nicolette, sophie, and jacqueline
we braved the heat (way to go Susan and Trish!) for a 3 mile walk...by 10am it was already near 90 degrees!
I snapped a pic right before emma woke up from her 3 hour nap...she didn't even make it under the covers!
6 of the 10 cousins all together!
(tyler doke's, we can't wait to see you soon!)
we were in the pool the entire weekend...we got out just to eat and then back in again!
thanks flower mound doke's! we love you and can't wait to see you soon! xoxo

Friday, May 28, 2010

rose is a flower girl!

we couldn't be happier for josh and laura's engagement!!!
and now...
we are more than honored and excited that they have asked emma to be their flower girl!
she will be in good company with port and haynes on the big day...and daddy is a groomsman too!
can't wait for this wedding!!!
her gift from josh and laura was a bride doll, which emma has named "Hannah Alligator"
the happy couple-to-be!
we love you josh and laura! it's been so fun to watch you guys fall in love and pursue all He has for you in marriage! we love you lots!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


sophie lynn doke

18 month check up with dr. kuhls...
weight: 19 lbs. 4oz. (1%)
height: 31 in. (31%)

nicknames: boo, soph, pistol, hornet, lil' lynn, firecracker
likes: waffles, pancakes, blueberries, bananas, PB&Js, beef
dislikes: chicken, veggies, popsicles
enjoys: playing outside, pushing her stroller on walks, baths, hugs, whatever her sister is doing
newest word: "shoes!"
we're working on: not eating the crayons
what we love about sophie: everything...especially her fiery heart!
sophie loved the mirrors...not so much any other part of the appointment!
congratulations sophie- you are on the growth chart for the first time since you were born!
big sister and her baby
we love you sophie lynn...you're going to be a great big sister!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the 3 musketeers

we met up with sulley and keaton for lunch and lots of playing at the park...
it's so fun because these little ones were all born within 5 months of each other so they get to grow up together!
sophie lynn 18 months
emma rose 3 years
the boys
sulley and emma

Monday, May 24, 2010

Iron Star=no cooking :)

we went to dinner with our friends to celebrate Jade's birthday at Iron Star...
if you haven't been there, it's amazing...if you have been there, you know everything is super tasty and I think I could eat an entire pan of the mac n cheese!
nole's, joseph, billingsley's, hartsock's, ho's, jarvis' & miss molly

Friday, May 21, 2010

summer is here!

summer is here...at least the high 80's weather is here!
we went to swim and play at Loli's with a big group of mommies and kiddos...I was just telling chris how much easier it is when the spring rain stops and we can play outside all day long!
(haynes, emma, alicia, laura, port)
these 2 girls are such a blessing to our family and all of the families they know! they played with our kids for the longest time on the trampoline and it's so sweet to see them pour into our kids and love them so well!
we love you "alicia brown" and "lord-a" (laura)!!!!
sweet millie jean LOVES the water!
(isaiah, millie, ella, port, emma)
the mommies were laughing and saying, "one day when our kids are 18, we'll show them these pictures and laugh"...or in my case, cry! they had so much fun playing in the sand!
boo...not a huge fan of the pool at the moment...but the ruffles are cute!
sweet gracie (background) talking to owen
a tired lynn...
and of course...a happy hour trip to Sonic to finish the afternoon off right!
emma's favorite drink: lemonade
today makes me so excited for the summer months to come!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1st trip to the dentist

well it was time for emma rose to visit the dentist!
we were sad dr. jarvis sr. retired but super happy to become new patients of dr. moffitt!
(if you are in the Norman/OKC area, I highly recommend him and his wonderful staff @ Brickhouse Dental)

side note: as emma approached 2 years of age, we heard a lot, "get ready for the terrible twos!" well, the two's came and went very easily for us...and then she turned 3! she is still just as sweet and precious, but the past months have definitely had some challenges and stretching times for me as a mommy.
when our pediatrician said it was time for a teeth cleaning, I was curious how this would turn out.
so a few days ago I started talking to her about the "special" toothbrush that would make a humming sound and would tickle a bit, the moving/reclining chair, lights and machines etc. if you know emma, she LOVES to talk about things...anything! so we talked A LOT!
and then it was Go Time!
our little one did AMAZING! I, along with Etta (wonderful dental hygienist) were impressed with emma's ease and willingness to say "yes" to all of the steps (cleaning, flossing, fluoride rinse, tooth count/check, pictures of teeth etc.)
way to go bear!
"emma, how many teeth do you think you have?"..."1,2,3,4...55!"
answer: 20 teeth
dr. moffitt ("max and mere bear's daddy")
loving ms. etta!
for some reason I have a feeling things may be a little different with my little pistol at home...sophie lynn! but we'll see some day!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

aunt jenny

each year we go to Jenny's recital to see her girls dance!
she's amazing! what a wonderful choreographer, mentor, and loving support she is for these girls!
emma LOVES dancing so I took her this year and we had so much fun! we picked up Shannon and headed to rose state for the recital. emma made it the entire 2 hours!
the dance teachers opened the show with a performance and emma was just in awe of jenny!
my sweet friends & bear

oh what a day!

we've had such a busy and fun weekend...but today was so special!
we started off the day with House Church, the seniors shared their future plans and then what they have seen the Lord do in their lives...so sweet and amazing to listen to His faithfulness and provision for each of them.
...and then after our cookout, we went home for naps and then loaded up to go to...
josh & laura, we are over the moon excited for you guys!!! it's been so fun to watch you guys fall in love with each other and now engagement! congrats! we love you both!!!
in emma's words:
"josh gave lord-a (laura) a ring and said I love you forever and she said YES!"
then home for a quick dinner and bed time and then off to...
house church huddle
for worship and to send off our seniors with words from the Lord, prayers, scripture...
this is a night I will never forget.
we will miss you all so much!
and then a few smores to end the evening well!
oh what a day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

date nights

once a week, Emma Rose has a date with her daddy...sometimes they go to Barnes & Noble to play with trains and get books, other times they go on bike rides or trips to the park, and most times, they go to Orange Leaf.
emma loves it! she can hardly eat her dinner or even sit at the table she gets so excited!
she'll tell me all day long "I get to go on a date with my daddy!"
so sweet!!!
the precious part is emma ALWAYS asks to wear a princess dress because "I'm daddy's princess".
yes you are baby girl!
sweet Bear

mother's day part 2

for mother's day, my sweet hubby took me to The Warren dinner theater to see Iron Man 2...which is really good by the way!
we met up with the Boyd's and the soon-to-be Hill's (grant & emma) for some delicious dinner in the balcony while we watched the movie. what a great way to celebrate mother's day- no cooking or dishes! yay!
thanks for the wonderful date babe!
thank you Jesus for my sweet girls and the one to come!
thanks Alicia for giving us a date night every week!!!
(and just in case you haven't heard the news...we're having another GIRL and we're really excited!!!! I'm 19 weeks pregnant, 20 weeks to go and she'll be here! Names in the running thus far:
chris: Madison, Isabella, Sam
megan: Hannah, Abigail, Ellie
emma: Pink Doke
sophie: not quite sure what's going on here yet, other than mom's belly is growing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

gymnastics for Bear

last year emma loved watching the USA gymnasts on t.v., she walked around on her tip toes all over the house, used parking lot curbs as beams, summersaults off the couch etc.
as soon as she turned 3, we enrolled her in gymnastics!
emma loves going! she proudly puts on her leotard the minute she wakes up and usually asks 5-10 times before we leave "Are we going to gymnastics now? now?"
sophie lynn...double fisting some crackers
so sophie and I hang out with the other moms (kourtney & brittany!) in the bleachers while the kids are in the gym. Boo usually eats a few snacks and watches her sissy.

Mother's Day!

for Mother's Day we went to Tulsa to celebrate my wonderful mom!
she's more than generous to us...every time we visit, she always has fun treats for the girls!
this time: dress up clothes! so much fun!

we went to Los Cabos for a delicious Mexican dinner and while we waited, mom and emma got their faces and arms painted!
and more dress up!
we love you Muka and are delighted to celebrate you!

we LOVE food!

here are just a few pics of my girls...eating!
spaghetti face sophie!
this girl loves spaghetti, and really, any kind of beef and bean mixture.
I just pour chili, taco meat, spaghetti sauce...whatever we're having onto her highchair and in minutes, she's asking for more!
pop sickles on a hot day...already pretty toasty even in May!

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a...another GIRL!!!!!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are happy to announce we will be adding another princess to our family in october!
we had our ultrasound today and we were blessed to watch our precious, healthy baby girl kicking and moving all over the place! at OU Medical Center they project your ultrasound images onto a 60 inch flat screen t.v....and I must say it's by far the best thing I've ever watched on t.v.!
she was curled up just like her sisters and mommy, with her hands up by her face, legs crossed.
sweet girl.
precious little girl, we can't wait to meet you, see you, and hold you in our arms.
we can't wait to welcome you into our world of cuddling, pink tutus, tiaras, baking cookies, going for walks, giggling, rainy days inside in our pajamas, big breakfasts on saturdays, bubble baths...
little one, you are loved already
you are cherished already
you are precious in His sight even now
love you, love you, love you
~daddy, mommy, bear, & boo

Thursday, May 6, 2010

sun tanning

again...thank you Kerri for bringing your camera to the lake and for taking pictures...
(we were at the lake celebrating Brian's 30th birthday- we had such a fun and blessed weekend with about 20 friends. too bad this is the only pic I have because it was fun!)
here is Emma Rose sun tanning on the dock with the adults.
she just laid there in a chairs and talked, danced, and hung out with us.
funny little Bear...
I love getting to know you and see who you are!