"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sweet Finley

she's here...
Finley Cohrs Boyd
8 pounds 2 ounces
19.5 inches

love this pic...such a proud daddy
chris and I went up to see Finley and had so much fun holding and staring at her! stacie's surgery went well and she's feeling great!
after naps and dinner we brought our kids up, they were ready to meet this sweet new little one!
Sophie was more interested in Sean holding her I think!

Emma really wanted to hold Finley!
Alice Elizabeth...snoozing
sweet Finley, we love you little one. You are precious in His sight and His delight! we prayed for you and you are here! we can't wait to watch you grow, watch you become the princess you are, the royalty you are, and see all He has in store for you!
love you!

flexibility, fun, retro, & vintage

being a parent has taught me so many things and continues to challenge and bless me with lessons to be learned. flexibility is something the Lord is showing me in this season of raising 3 small children. I am blessed to have so many wise women around me to pour into me as a mommy. 7 months ago we moved Sophie and Emma in together and although we've seen growth, it's been a constant battle with Emma Rose to stay in bed, be kind to Sophie etc. a few months back my friend Sarah said "meg, she may not be ready" and she was right. thus, flexibility. my plans have changed and now Emma has her own room and space and Alice and Sophie now share a room.
the fun part of being willing to explore different options is rearranging what you have! I spent the morning rearranging, sorting, and redoing the girls' rooms. making what has been the nursery Emma's room.
the fun continues! this is my bedding from when I was a little girl. my mom had it made for me almost 30 years ago. isn't it beautiful? I wanted bedding that had shades of blue in it to match the blue walls but didn't have extra cash to purchase new bedding, so I found this in the closet, put it on and voila!
(Sophie & Alice's new room)
I love antique perfume bottles and my mom helped me start a collection when I was little.
here are a few bottles and small boxes. I love little treasures like this.
I am grateful my girls all sleep very heavily...
once Sophie falls asleep, I tip toe Alice into her crib. neither one wake up. I'm convinced they all got this gene from me, nothing wakes me up but their little noises...nothing!
so here's to being willing to make a change and have some fun with it!
as Beth says "you have to know the season your children are in...this may work, it may not. it may work for 6 months or 6 years".
for now, it's working!


the schneringer's were in town for the holidays and we were blessed with a visit from them!
brian and chris have been friends for a long time, he was one of chris' first friends I met and I stayed with them in Norman when we were dating. love this family!!!
will is in 2nd grade now, it's hard to believe he was 2 years old when he was in our wedding! he LOVES babies and is quite the baby whisperer! alice was loving it!
sweet jamie, we miss you and all of your boys! so glad you stopped by!
love you schneringer's!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas part 2

Merry Christmas!!!
lots of pics on this post for our sweet families in Tulsa and Texas. we love you and miss all of you!
this is the first christmas we stayed home in Norman and the first year the girls had a grasp on christmas. we had a blast planning traditions, meals, fun activities and crafts...just being together.
we started the day with...presents
opening stockings
then on to chris' pigs in a blanket for breakfast...yummy!
bundled up in the bitter cold for some bike riding
they didn't last too long and came right in, I had hot chocolate waiting for them

love this picture...
emma rose, since she was a newborn, has loved being swaddled and becomes very drowsy once she's in that blanket. even now she loves to be wrapped tight and cuddled. so of course, sophie lynn wanted in on the fun.
so here's daddy with 3 swaddled little girls.
***meg doke's christmas dinner***
I made dinner for us this year. as my mom says "it's hours of work all day and it's over in 15 minutes". so true but so worth it!
- turkey stuffed with garlic, apples, and carrots
- mashed potatoes & gravy
- garlic, bacon green beans
- stuffing
- rolls
- pecan pie
- maple pumpkin cheese cake with pecan maple glaze
yes, we totally ate on paper goods and served ourselves out of the pots from the stove. cooking for family and friends (our sweet friends the Boyd's came last minute- hooray!!!) calls for simplicity and ease!
what a wonderful day of playing, cuddling, cooking, and celebrating Jesus' birth!
I love the christmas story, love the details.
Mary was so tough to travel on a donkey 9 months pregnant...Joseph must have felt so panicked when he couldn't find a place for his bride to be to rest...how bright the angel must have been to the shepherds in the night sky...a sweet little one coming into the world in a barn, in a manger.
a Mighty Warrior, the Comforter, the Father of the fatherless came to earth so that we may live! how blessed we are to celebrate this day of Jesus' birth!
Merry Christmas!

christmas part 1

so I am up letting my desserts for tomorrow's christmas dinner cool...the dishes are done, presents wrapped, stockings stuffed, (cookies are eaten!), and now is a perfect time for blogging! :)
for christmas eve we went to church for a sweet little service of singing carols, listening to the christmas story, and being together. oh so fun!

our kids had to cuddle with Josh and Laura just a little bit!
sweet Alice Elizabeth
after church we picked up our favorite...Pizza Shuttle and went home for dinner!
decorating cookies for santa
this pic cracks me up..."huh?"
I love that you can tell their personalities even in cookie decorating...can you tell?
(emma's are neat and red with matching red sprinkles...sophie's are colorful and busy)
we are having a blast creating family traditions with our girls for the holidays. tonight we were all on the couch listening to chris read the christmas story and the girls were cuddled up and I was thinking this is the best. there's no where else I'd rather be than right here.
on the eve of our Savior's birth we are grateful and full of joy! He is so good and we can't wait to celebrate tomorrow!
speaking of tomorrow, I'm making christmas dinner and can hardly wait! my little ones will be up soon so it's off to bed for this mommy/cook!
merry christmas and to all a good night!!!

tulsa christmas

we went to tulsa for a few days before christmas to see my mom, brother Damon, and my oldest brother Rod came in from Los Angeles. we had such a great time together! my mom is really thoughtful and does a lot of sweet things to prepare for us coming...or maybe I should say invading her house. from super delicious meals to little christmas blankets on our beds, she stocks the house with our favorite foods and loves on us every minute. love it.
I was laughing to myself thinking about our first christmas together before we had kids...how easy it was to jump in the car and drive to tulsa for a few days. now, there's a little bit more work involved, even for a 3 day trip! it's fun though, the nerd in me loves the packing and planning of it all!
little ones on the road
we were so happy to see uncle rod and uncle damon!
christmas jammies from Muka
we had so much fun....
we had so much fun visiting Damon at work at the hospital. he works so hard and everyone there adores him! he was so proud to have us come up...he was waiting at the front desk for us with the biggest smile!
carousel ride
getting cookies
(these pink iced sugar cookies were my favorite as a little girl...my girls picked them out and loved every bite!)
isn't mom's tree gorgeous?
big presents from Muka and uncle Damon...a horse and a bike!
it's so sweet to be there and so sad to leave. we are so grateful we were able to spend time with my wonderful family. what a treat, what a blessing!
we are loved and for that we are grateful!

Friday, December 24, 2010

what a day!

chris was in St. Louis for the day at a Rams' game so I had the girls...and what a day we had!
we started out with cartoons in mommy's bed followed by oatmeal with honey and peanut butter mixed in (a Doke family favorite) and then bubble baths.
on to sorting toys to give away, lunch, and throw in nursing 4-5 times, 8-10 diaper changes, a few potty breaks, and some time outs in there. then naps, during which I wrapped about 20 hams (yes there were more), swept the garage, mopped the kitchen, took a shower, then off to house church and then we went by Starbuck's to see Alicia and then out to 72nd street to see the Christmas lights.
then home sweet home.
the kiddos during their lesson
sitting at the light show. sophie was so sad when we left she was crying "lights! lights!" looks like we may be going to this house a few more times for Boo.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

pure JOY

would you just look at that face?
this is my new favorite pic of Alice! our friend Jason was singing to her at house church and she was loving every minute of it!
sweet one, you bring us so much joy!
love her.
love her.
love her.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

happy 30th gerod!

our friend gerod turned 30 today! kerri was super creative and to celebrate, she arranged a day of gerod's favorites donuts, movie at The Warren, New York pizza, and his favorite desserts. friends just came to any/all events possible!
we made it to dinner and dessert! while we were there we met Brooke's new baby Lawson! such a cutie!!
we LOVE New York pizza...especially Sophie Lynn a.k.a. Pizza Queen
folding her pizza and dipping it in ranch dressing
happy birthday gerod! we met in middle school and now we live in the same town, married, with kids, jobs...grown up stuff! hope you had a GREAT 30th birthday celebration!!!
the doke's love you!!!!