"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

from HolliB

I am in love with her.

My Emma Rose, my Bear, Sweet One, my Lovely, our Rose.
My affection for you grows each day.
Today, if I could, I would follow you around and at every corner would hand you a freshly cut rose and tell you...you are loved.
Today, if I could, all day long, I would hold you in my arms, tightly, hands intertwined and whisper to you...I am grateful for you, I am blessed to have you in my world, you are heaven's treasure and my gift.
Today, if I could, I would freeze you in time as my little one and sing to you...there's no one like you. You are His royalty, His princess and ours.

I want you to know every second of every day how treasured you are and how much we love you.
So I will tell you whenever I can, you are loved, we are grateful, and you belong to Him.

These are photographs from Josh and Laura's wedding in November. Holli Brewer was the wonderful photographer and was kind enough to send me these images. She captured these 3 little ones so beautifully!

Haynes Cole, Emma Rose, Port Robert

With the bride and groom, Josh and Laura. They are family to us! Laura was such a gorgeous bride!

And this is my favorite! Some day this will be my Rose, with her daddy, and she will be the bride.
Emma asked the other day if she could marry Chris. I explained to her that he's her daddy but that Jesus would bring her a husband some day.
"Jesus is going to bring me a prince some day?" Yes he is. So now, she tells me daily how she's waiting, waiting for her prince to come. So sweet!
He's coming sweet girl...just not for a long time!

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