"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adoption: a Royal Fire

My fire started at 15 years old.  While I should have been daydreaming of normal teenage adventures, I envisioned one day adopting orphans.  Specifically siblings.

At 19, some kerosine hit the fire and I spent a month in Ghanian orphanages holding little ones.  Without a true home, without love, and without the hope of living past their thirties.

At 23, the fire was permanently ignited.  A trip to the bush in Botswana would forever engrain images in my heart and mind I didn't even have to journal about.  Because they are there forever.
one of our medical clinics in Accra, Ghana

Some say adoption has become a fad, the thing to do these days.  And I'm completely okay with it.  Because unlike skinny jeans that will one day be discarded to a donation box, these little treasures will be alive, thriving, and living from a place of safety and love.

Money.  Not sure where it would come from.  Normally I am annoyingly practical and prefer order and structure.  But not here.  I'm not even sure how to bring them home.  
do know we can love them and bring them into a home where perfection is nonexistent but knowing their value and worth is constant.
And the fire burns.

Emma and I were looking at photographs of little orphans...  
Emma: "Where are their mommies and daddies?"
Me: "Their mommies and daddies don't live with them."
Emma: "Why?  Where are they?"
Me: "Some of their parents are in heaven and some parents' hearts are hurting so badly that they can't take care of their children."

She's thinking.  And the mama loves it.

The hubby's heart and mine are processing, dialoguing, and trusting in the Lord's steps and timing, for His provision and peace.  Will we bring home littles some day?  I'm ready today but trust only He knows.  And that's really hard for me.  My heart can definitely do the kick and stomp tantrum performance wanting it right now.  How do you calm a blazing roar of vibrant oranges and reds?  I don't know.

I believe every little one deserves to know they are royalty.  They are sons and daughters of the Most High King.  I trust He lights fires in us to be aware, to pray and contend, to provide monthly support from an ocean away, and for some, to adopt.  Whatever our role, it's valuable.
So my burning heart is waiting to see what our part will be in this royal fire.


  1. You are perfectly describing what "waiting on the Lord" looks like- longing, burning, praying, etc... Even now when we will soon have our little ones in our arms the fire isn't quenched and the longing, burning and praying continues not just for my two little ones but for all those we are leaving behind. As you continue to burn, sweet friend, be reminded that your prayers and words are effective and filled with power, anointed by the Most High King!

  2. i CANNOT wait to see you tomorrow.

  3. i love this!!! i want you to have 10 little cutie babes in your amazing home!!

  4. Oh Meg, I can surely pass on our "what we've learned" info to you:-) They are God's and so is the $ - love your heart for the broken and those his heart breaks for! Can't wait for our little treasure!