"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love for Weekends

We had a great weekend!  It was full.  It was sunny.  It was full of family and friends.
Bear is learning soccer.  Taking it all in step by step.  She plays with some amazing little athletes so she's in awe just watching them.
We love watching her and making new Saturday memories together.
{I quite possibly took this picture with a baby in my arms...hence I got half of her sweet face!}
Sweet Dax shared some in-between-quarter entertainment.  I remember when this little guy was born and now he's such a young man who loves Jesus, such a sweetheart! 

Laura.  What can I say other than, she is just lovely.  We have loved her since the first day we met her.  She's a family favorite for sure!  And Bunny was happy to cuddle away.

On the home front, Jonathan, Josh, and Chris hammered away for most of the day on the upstairs deck.  Our girls were pumped.  Jonathan and Josh have celebrity status at our house.  
Well done men.  It looks fantastic!
{Sophie watched Jonathan through the window, saying shouting his name every few minutes.}
While the men were hard at work, I took all the girls to Crew's 3rd birthday party.  It was a delightfully fun party...a moon bounce, a pinata, cake and ice cream.  Mixed with some sunshine and happy kids, it's a recipe for a fun afternoon!

 Poor Sophie.  She had a bit of a rough weekend.  She has a black eye from falling into the stair case and then the back door completely closed on her finger.  Extra kisses, hugs, prayers...and Tylenol for this little one.

Alice opted for a nap in Becky's arms.  Party on, baby girl!

We squeezed in some snake corralling, because why not?

Our friend Asher came to play.  We love this little guy...Sophie Lynn gets really excited when she gets to spend time with him.  And he makes me want to have a little boy some day.

{We love us some OU baseball on a sunny Sunday afternoon!}
Weekends are for playing, squeezing lots into the day, resting, indulging in tasty treats of ice cream, popsicles, pizza.  Weekends are my favorite.  
We trade alarms, schedules, and meetings for breakfasts soaked in syrup, cup after cup of coffee, playing with our jammied-bodied babies, and the fun that awaits.  Come Monday, although we are grateful for the week's adventures, we look forward to the weekend to come.
 Until next weekend.

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  1. I came to your blog from Kelle Hampton and just wanted to say hi!!

    Your family is beautiful! It sounds like you had a very full, but very fun weekend. Great pics to remember it by :)

    I have a fun giveaway on my blog today! You should come check it out :)