"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Monday, May 30, 2011

Phases We're In

"It's just a phase.  This too shall pass."
Phases of life.  Some are easy and you hope they last forever.  When a precious, pink skinned newborn lays on your chest in a hospital room and all she wants is your love.  Others phases push your heart and soul to the limit and you pray they end soon.  Calling my best friend and asking her how long my heart will ache after letting my daddy go on a cold winter morning. 
RIght now, I feel we're in a few phases simultaneously.  You know, the pinch of salt in the cookie batter that just balances things out.  The secret dusting of nutmeg that gives a dish something extra special.  
We see our phases play out more in depth when we're together.

Memorial Day weekend.  A barbeque brought many friends, some we hadn't seen in awhile.  Sweet gathering of conversation set to the background music of littles' laughter and play.
A great excuse to whip up some cookie dough truffles from a wonderful new recipe and enjoy them morning, noon, and night.  Because, why not?

Girls' gotta a lot of phases going on currently.  Responding with force when something doesn't go her way.  Wanting to hug and kiss every baby she sees.  Giving me the sweetest smiles sitting contently in her car seat.  She's just edible. 

When the phase of college roles around for Emma, I think she'll be out the door and gone.
Far away gone.  She will set out to go and do.  And my girl will love it.

 And time with little ones wouldn't be the same without a few tantrums and tears.  Her performances are actually really sweet and she gets me every time.  No worries, I'm totally okay with being a sucker.  

I love watching him love his girls.  This is one of those moments I wish I could just freeze both of them in time.  Because she adores him and wants him near.  And the phase when her Memorial Day is spent with friends will be here some day.  
yes, that's a bow...accessory phase is in full effect

This phase, I will miss when it's gone.  Sun-kissed babies napping pool side while her sisters swim with friends.  I'm convinced, nothing feels better than this.  
The pacifier phase, also one of my personal favorites.  A life saver for the phases of car seat battles, skipping naps, and grocery store runs with 3 kiddos.

Since Emma was a baby we've been tip toeing into little's rooms to hug and kiss them while they sleep.  There are nights when I feel like this moment restores the efforts and failures from the day as a parent, when dealing with phases of ugliness and disobedience.  When I can slide next to their sweet, warm bodies and say again, how mama is sorry, that tomorrow is a new day, and how I love them more than they know.

I'm learning, no rushing through the phases we're in.  The hard ones will pass and will be greeted with new lessons to be learned and joy to drink in.  It is only a phase.
A moment in time that will pass soon into a memory.  
Learning to proceed through the phases we're in with His perspective, peace, and joy.
Because this too shall pass.


  1. We always quote my sweet mother-in-law through those times "It's only a phase." Oh how we grow in those phases!!! They do come and go so quickly. Love you!

  2. Megan these pictures are great! that last picture is absolutely precious!! Definitely needs to be framed :) so cute!