"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home Front Newness

Things have changed a lot around the home front.  I know it's only for a season.
I know it's the best thing for bunny (scroll down for update).

No worries.  There is a feisty current that runs through my veins.  I see it in my girls.
We're up for the challenge.  And daddy is too.
The other morning, I planned an early shower and quiet time before the house was stirring.  Alice had other plans for me, set in place by pulling out her NG feeding tube.  She woke up and tapped into that Doke-girl-head-strong DNA, and a few coughs and tugs later, out popped the tube.
So I had to re-insert it.
Guess I'll be shaving my legs another day.
Her following nap was preceded by a tight unmovable swaddling of her arms in a blanket.
look closely and you can see her current 
 Ali and I were only gone 3 nights and 4 days, but it felt longer.  I realized this past week the things I take for granted.  I quickly discovered my immense gratitude and longing for normalcy and the every day joys.

How my little ones welcomed us home with a masterpiece awaiting applause and much needed affection.
I missed pulling into our neighborhood.  I missed our house, the smells of play dough, the messes, the stock of freshly baked cookies, the syrupy hugs. 
I missed it all.
Alicia made this banner for Alice because the Lord says she's marked by royalty, which was a word spoken over her before she was born.  best. gift. ever.
We are doing our best to keep up with summer plans and finagle it all in between appointments and home visits by nurses.  
And that includes swimming lessons.  My little fish are lovin' them some Miss Murray.
with the adorable Bekham
Alice's Update...

Dr. Kuhls (pediatrician) said Alice has been classified as "Failure to Thrive".  I now understand the sensitivity behind parents wanting the classification after the word baby or child...she's a baby with failure to thrive...not a failure to thrive baby.  As my friend Sarah said, it's not her destiny, just a season.  A season to be outgrown.  The plan is to coast through this season with the feeding tube and weight checks with the goal to continue to grow.  We'll go from there.  We meet with Dr. Steele (GI) on Monday.

Dr. El Amm (plastic surgeon) said her tumor had ruptured so their is a 30% chance of it returning which would call for surgery.  We'll have re-checks monthly until a year out, and then yearly.  And we already had a celebration that the tumor was benign.  Booyah!
Meanwhile, we are happily crossing things off our plate of expectancy.  And my girls love it.  They are seeing His power move in this house.

The home front looks different these days.  Sometimes it's really hard, others not so much.  Because with the challenge brings hope, gratitude, and admiration of His strength and sustaining power.

We've welcomed in summer and know the days of grilled dinners outside, sun-kissed babies, and pool adventures await us.  We know this summer may look a bit different, with a few more daily opportunities to exercise our patience and adapt to change.
And we are grateful.
She's home.

(Side note: no, I'm not crazy by blogging this early...I've been up since 3am because I somehow managed to get into poison ivy last week and now have a lovely spread of pink and red.  And my medicine hasn't kicked in yet.  Nice.)

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  1. You always manage to make me smile :) So strong friend, what an inspiration!