"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Girls {Alice Update}

Little girls.  Sugar and spice and everything nice.  And oh so much more.
I have a wonderful update on this little girl.  
Notice something missing from this picture?
loving the chubby rolls on her back
Ah, yes, the NG tube is missing.  
The last few days have been challenging because Alice has pulled out her tube once a day. 
There has been a small amount of blood on the tube, the part of the tube that drops into her stomach.  I did not put the tube back in this time and instead called Dr. Steele.  She said because Alice has gained so much weight, we could try feeding her 2 ounces an hour, each hour by bottle.  We are to keep a lookout for blood in her spit up or diapers but she is not concerned other than the tube has caused the blood somewhere in Alice's esophagus.  Our appointment is on Thursday and we will see if she has still sustained her weight gain.  If so, we may be reevaluating the feeding tube.  Hopefully the tube will not be going back in.  
We celebrated with a pool trip.  She loved it and so did her sisters.  We splashed and had no worries of tape or tubes.
Yes, please!
And a few Sonic drinks too.  Just the icing on top for these little girls.
She's full of wonder and love of dressing up in her mama's clothes and shoes.
Then she whispers Look at me mama, look at me.
I'm looking sweet one.
These little girls love to plan, and plan we are.  Our first family vacation will be here soon and each morning over breakfast, we let our happiness build.
Girls can turn any place into their kitchen, and that means a box of rocks too.  I am slowly losing my stash of measuring cups.  I can deal.

My oldest girl is fearless.  For bugs, if it has more than 6 legs, no playing.  Squashing instead.
So she squashed with a tea pot and spoon.  Well done.
Our view from a night of little ones playing outside.  He painted this picture for me one night, because I needed to forget how I had allowed the stresses of the day to overcome my heart.

Little girls are a gift.  To be treasured and honored.  And while there are plenty of moments when the negotiating, bickering, and arguing push me to my limits, I know I've been entrusted with royalty.

Any mama knows that wrangling babies can be challenging, at times it seems overwhelming.
One day at a time.  Each little girl has her own combination of spice.

One little girl at a time.  Full of sweetness, fire, stubbornness, compassion, and tenderness.
That's what my little girls are made of.


  1. So thrilled with "No Feeding Tube" for at least awhile!!!! Alice looks so happy and I love that she can enjoy her food from a bottle!!! Every blog amazes me with beautiful, creative pictures and your heartfelt words!!!! I get soooooo excited when you have posted a new one!!!!! Your words are award winning for me!!!! Thanks so much for letting us in on the absolute joys of being a Mommy!!!!!!
    Your girls are just precious and so beautiful!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful picture from our Father Meg! How I want to stop every evening at the end of a day to remember He's got us, this is such a good reminder!!! I love this post :) Thanks for sharing your heart.