"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drenched in Colorado

Our hearts have been drenched in Colorado.  Our minds are dripping with memories that will forever remain locked into our souls.

We took our first family vacation to Young Life Trail West Family Camp.
And we have already booked our spot for next summer.
My heart is overwhelmed with emotions of joy and sadness.  Joy, because we had the best week and I've never heard my babies laugh harder and smile more.  Sadness, because it's over and although we are glad to be home, our heavy hearts slipped into cold sheets, beds awaiting tired bodies that played hard and drank in every single moment.

Picture 40 families pulling onto the property and we pour out of our snack and crayon infested car and they say this is all for you.  That phrase began a week of receiving service, love, and friendship from an amazing staff at Trail West.
We are ready.
 The view from our room was waiting for us.
Our days were full.  40 families with a total of 100 kids.  Set off for unforgettable adventures of ropes courses, horseback riding, rodeos, hoedowns, white-water rafting, and meals under the aspen trees.
 Gorgeous baskets of flowers were our guide around Trail West.
My girl drank it all in.  She was soaked in love and cuddles.  The mama loved it too.
There were pockets of down time and we happily took advantage.  Family walks were our favorite.
Babies and coffee in tow.  Simplicity and affection in our hearts.

We hiked part of the Continental Divide.  We were in the clouds.
Our hearts, dripping in gratitude that Bunny settled herself into my wrap, in my fleece.  She napped as we played.

 And some sledding too.
 I felt His grace and strength as we kept up with hourly feedings for Alice.  It felt light.  Restful.  She will look back and see she was there too, on the side of a mountain as He grew her body and restored her, day by day.

The nights were cool but the days were pleasantly warm.  We swam in pools heated by the hot springs.
We played and laughed, more than ever.
One night, we dined on steak and salmon for a date night, with 40 other couples.
Loved it.
Young Life CLub was held each night.  So much excitement and joy bursting with songs, games, and teaching of how good He is.  This we know.

Forgoing rest from the full day and putting babies down to stay up late for games.  I felt like a kid.  For sure the hardest I have ever laughed.  I miss this already.
We rose early one morning with other families for a Wrangler's Breakfast.  Best start to the day.

It comes full circle.  This is Scott Hennigan, putting Sophie's barrette back in her hair.  Over 20 years ago, he was my camp counselor and taught me what it meant to follow Jesus.  Now, years later, we are all at camp watching our babies play together.
French toast for the catching.

Sophie discovered her love for rocks.  I have plenty of pics to document this affection.
Marce' Hennigan.  If you know her, you are blessed.  She mothers her 5 children with a grace and kindness from His heart.  And she loved on my Bunny in a way that makes my heart smile.

My heart is full.

She loved it.
And so did this baby girl.

This week we made friends and memories.  We didn't want it to end.

And the drive home leaves the mountains fading in our rearview mirror until we can't see them anymore.
Not fading are the memories that will replay and remind our hearts 
Tonight we tucked in tired babies who smell of bubble bath and a hint of sunscreen.
He is so good.  
Sweet dreams baby girls.  May He keep in your hearts the images of His creation, the counselors who lavished you with His love, the time together when we looked around and knew we were blessed to be here.
Our hearts are drenched in Colorado.  


  1. i'm speechless. this is INCREDIBLE!!!! ah i'm so happy. i cannot wait to see y'all and hear even more!! without question, it looks like y'all had the best time, countdown to next year ?! :) love you friend - so thankful you guys made it home safe and sound!

  2. Meg! This is breath-taking!!! Thank you for sharing this special place for all to see! Your family is so beautiful! -Meg D.

  3. I felt like I was there with you guys! Glad to have you home. But SO glad the trip was SO incredible. Love you friend!

  4. What an amazing way to document the trip! I absolutely LOVE the way you did this! You captured it perfectly and I want to be back there right now! Romney

  5. I am just lost for words!!! What an incredible journey friend. The pictures brought back so many sweet memories for me. We hope to join you all one of these summers :) Love you and so glad you're home!!!

  6. I love it! The pictures are amazing. Sooo much fun!

  7. Well, I googled Trail West Colorado to see if there were some cool pictures of the camp, and I stumbled across your blog post. This is such a beautiful documentation of your trip! I will be working on summer staff this year and I am SO, so excited!