"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scattered Pieces

I feel scattered.  Anything but put together.

I over slept.  Forgot to call my mother back.  Had a sleeping baby and a repair man in the house when I remembered Sophie had a swim lesson in 20 minutes.  Forgot Ali's medicine for the whole day.
Blame it on the fact that yesterday in half an hour my kids soaked my bathroom with bubble bath water, having a grand 'ole time.  Sophie peed on the carpet and then played in the potty with her my-little-pony while I cleaned up her other mess.
I forgot what I was even thinking about doing.
But there's a beauty to this feeling of scrambling and forgetfulness.  Or so I am learning.
We took our tardy, messy, smelly clan to a birthday party.  And partay we did.
We celebrated this sweet one, McKenna.  She's seven years old now, you know.
I love these places where the inner wildness comes out in our kids.  Heap on the piles of laughter and silliness.  No organization needed.  Let the fun begin.
It's not a party until there's bumper boats.

And some Skee Ball.  A fluid concept for Boo.  The goal was to not pommel the kid next to us in the head with the ball.  Mission accomplished.
And on this morning, we did make it to swim lessons.  My girl rocked it.
Fearless.  Just the way mama likes 'em.
Someone told me last summer that my children don't have respect for the water, that they needed some fear in their hearts of how serious the water is.
The mama doesn't agree.
I believe in safety and wisdom.  Not fear.  I believe in them trusting my words of I'll catch you.
You can do it.
Motivation and action based on trust and security.
See baby girl, I told you, you can do it.
The scatteredness continues.  Thanks to my kiddo's carrying off various kitchen items, my water bottle was nowhere to be found.  So I took a pink sippy cup it to spinning class.  By mile 13, I was about to break it because the water was coming out at a 2 year old pace.  I popped off the lid and slurped like a horse on a farm.
Now we're talkin'.
As we drove home one night we watched in amazement as a front came rolling in.  Hours of lightening and much needed rain.  A pleasant unexpected treat.
Tomorrow is another day, a fresh beginning to this thing of raising babies and living life contently right where I am. Embracing the messes and expecting His goodness.
Expecting the rain when it doesn't seem possible.
Learning that searching for peace in organization and schedules is a crumb in comparison to the feast of expectancy He has laid before me.  Choosing instead to draw peace from the One who gives unconditionally, because He says we can expect Him to.
Some folks have asked about our Plate of Expectancy, where we bought it, how much it costs.
I made it up.  All you need is a glass plate, a Sharpee, and a dry erase marker.
The Lord spoke Psalm 5:3 into our hearts, that in the morning we would lay our requests before Him and wait in expectation.  Not too shabby of a start to the day with some Cheerios.
The best part is watching Him move and watching my girls see His power.
If you want more, listen to Brian Hartsock's teaching on Expectancy.  It will wreck you, I promise.
It puts into perspective the scattered pieces of the day.  The things that I get tangled up in that really don't matter in comparison to what He has for me.

I feel scattered.  Anything but put together.
And I'm okay with that.


  1. this is such an encouraging post, i love the plate of expectancy, what a great idea!

  2. I love this Megan. You are such an incredible MOMMY! Your girls and husband are lucky to have you.