"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Monday, September 12, 2011

He Is Everywhere

I want to say thank you, whoever you are, that read our blog and follow along this journey with me.  I'd love to know who you are too, so please feel free to click "follow" on the right column.  So many of you blog too and I'd love to follow your journey as well!
Summer is lingering and fall is on the horizon.  Cool mornings are followed by toasty afternoons.
Feels like a little mix of both seasons.
And we are loving our every day.
Can't you tell Boo is?
We are loving mornings outside.
Sister cranks out some mud pies in her kitchen.  I love to listen to her play and create.
A little bit of parsley, a splash of salt.  Perfect.
Sisterhood is brewing up a mighty fine storm of ring-around-the-rosies, swinging, reading, and plenty of giggling. Plenty of hand holding too.
I can hear Him in her laugh and see His tenderness in her smile.
He's in the happy random findings at the grocery store with littles.

We forgot the important stuff like vitamins, salad, and chicken.
No worries though.  We made it out with pumpkins, cinnamon clove pine cones, and candy corn.  
Essentials for sure.
He's in the hours at the park with friends over picnic lunches and sun kissed babies.  Losing track of time because it doesn't matter.  We'll leave when they're ready, when it's time for afternoon naps under cool fans and darkened curtains.  Sometimes the mama joins a little one and falls asleep listening to her breath and watching her toes slowly stop twinkling.

Asher and Sophie topped off their lunches with some dirt.  Because why wouldn't you?
Sweet Lawson was a good sport.  And I think Emma looks like she's 15 here.  Mama's not sure how she feels about that.

Summer's lingering means longer days before fall and winter bring their shortened days that begin and end in the dark, that means time for just a few more projects.
Enter: this lovely table our friends passed down to us.
It served as a coloring table in their house for years so there were plenty of scratches and marks to work out with sandpaper.  My gorgeous friend Liz doubles as a construction extraordinaire.  After a few hours of sanding, painting, shellacing...viola!
I love me some before and afters and my giddy heart gobbled this up.
Deep down I want to know this type stuff on my own but in reality I'm the incompetent girl trickling into Lowe's looking quite aimless and confused.  Thank goodness for Liz.  
Who says a woman in pearls can't run an electric sander and make a masterpiece?
It goes fabulously with my new unpractical grocery store purchases that bring cinnamon waves of spice and warmth into the room.
Fall is coming.
This season coming reminds me of when my babies came.
When I saw her for the first time, my heart bursted wide open.  I couldn't love anything more.
And then I saw her, forgetting about the operating room sounds.  Growing anticipation of surgeon's hands holding her up for my first glance.  There she was.  More growth in my heart, even more bursting.
Then the littlest nugget made her debut.  I kissed her a thousand times before they took her from me.
I see Him in the most monumental gifts of life.
And I see Him in the miniscule moments of the day, like giggling girls that chatter from the backseat and tell their choo choo trains where to go.
When she discovers she can go even higher.  And stare at her toes at the same time.

Tonight, if I had to choose, my favorite thus far is watching him love these baby girls.  How he chases them outside until they can hardly move because they're laughing so hard their legs crumble.

How he takes them on dates to grab glitter to make sure their pumpkin sparkle just right.

 I see you Little One, I see you, He whispers.
And we see Him...everywhere.
He's in the mundane, the every day things, the breakthroughs, the failures.
He's the grace that meets us in weakness and the joy when we have sorrow.
He's in the loads of laundry, the errands and packed agendas.
He is everywhere.

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