"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Happy Ramblings

My husband thinks I'm nuts.
No argument here.
Nothing to do with the package of Oreos I accidentally ate today.
Or why I watched Blue Crush till 1:30am.

I called him at work to warn him.  I've been inspired.  Bring your A game cuz when you get home the house will be in shambles.  Room switching time.  A mini-unextreme home makeover.
Oh, and can you move that couch downstairs please?
My girls are growing and wanting a bit more space.  And as much as I love having them around the corner with their toys, I had the idea to flip flop Alicia's room with their current room and the dining room/play room/junk hoarding place.
For now, it's wonderful.  Maybe I'll be kicking myself later and coping by finishing off the pan of brownies.
Time will tell.

I started by drawing the rooms to scale and the furniture as well.  Then I played with layout on paper.  No use in doing all of this work if it won't fit or look too jam packed.

I love me some before and afters.  Houses, pantries, people's bodies...doesn't matter to me.  I just love before and afters.

Alicia's room before.  She usually keeps her room nice and tidy but I caught it on a messy day and I was giddy with excitement.  The messier a room, the better the "before" pic is.

Playroom before.

Alicia's old room/girl's new bedroom/playroom after.

Old playroom/now living room after.

Total work time: a whole day and a few cookies.
Total cost: $20 on fresh flowers and a lamp shade.
Lettin' the mama go bananas and relish in a finished something.  Priceless.

My hats off to the hubs for putting up with me.  And to Alicia who helped me for hours and hours on her day off.

Here's to our unextreme home makeover.  No "move that bus" or an overly-tan energetic show host.
Just the mama with a large amount of coffee and obsessive vision.

We did make time for some cinnamon sugar popcorn.  This recipe is by far the best.  You know you're in good company when the recipe starts with 2 sticks of butter.  A tasty afternoon snack for sleeping babes waking up from naps.

I cooked dinner.  Twice.  The first time, I threw chicken on the grill and forgot about it for way too long morphing it from poultry into a dangerous weapon.  I almost did the desperate phone call to the hubs of can we please order pizza because I just burnt dinner and I just dropped the can of cinnamon into a brown powdery cloud.  Not today.
I can rally.
I went back out to the grill, like it was the grill's fault, stared it down and threw on round 2 of split chicken breasts. I won this time.

Girlfriend pounded dinner tonight.  She trinkled corn and beans all over the house the rest of the night.  She's been makin' eyes at the Oreos too.
Not yet baby girl.
A sweet ending to the day, my friend Shannon and her fam stopped by and she displayed some canvases of my girls.  I'm in love.  She captures my girls in a way that brings me to tears.  Her photography warms my heart.
I may just put on a pot of coffee and sit here all day staring.

Friday means giddy girls at the Doke house.  Because we know he'll be coming home soon.  This weekend we are getting ready for friends to come from Tulsa to cram into the casa for plenty of play, football, food consumption, and refreshing time in conversation.  And college football will debut its lovely self.

Morning walks will become more pleasant and less endurable.  Play dates will allow littles to take in the cool fall air instead of summer's heat.
For now, I like my little view friends loving on babies.  Not sure there's anything better than watching your friend sister fill up her love tank with sweetness.
Which is a nice combination of sweet and challenge since this walk, well most of our walks end with me pushing and pulling everyone and all of their stuff.
No worries.  I can rally.
My heart is jumbled with random thoughts, projects, unfinished conversations.
One thing is certain, the week is ending.
So here's to the weekend.  Here's to college game day on ESPN, plenty of bed jumping and popsicles.  Time with friends and babies asking to stay up just a bit longer because they're having too much fun.  And we'll give in and say yes, along with some more Oreos and a side of laughter.
Happy weekend.


  1. Oh my those canvases are beautiful! And the room idea? Genius! Go Megan!

  2. You inspire me in so many ways sweet friend! Love you to pieces :)