"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Filling Up Our Hearts

We are drinking in this weekend of fabulousness until every last drop.  
Our hearts filling up with food and joy.  

Beginning with the continuation of costumes and cooking up ideas for such occasions.  
Emma had her Halloween party and parade this week at school.  Sister went as me.
Yep, when asked "Who are you, Emma?" she responded with "I'm Meg Doke."
I must say it's an interesting and somewhat frightening thought to tell your child as they hop out of the car "Okay honey, just talk and act like mama."
Oh crap.  Whose idea was this?
Hopefully in the mix of ninja hi-yahs! and Ariel's treasure finds, not too many family secrets and mama's weaknesses were revealed.  Only time will tell I'm sure.
Next stop on the agenda, our friend's church fall carnival.  We loaded up a bumblebee, Cinderella, a tiger and my one night's granted permission of wearing the color orange and headed out for the fun.  Maybe Alice had a hotdog and bag of cool ranch doritos for dinner.  Just maybe.  Who doesn't love a meal involving mystery meat served up in a transparent casing?

Moving on.

We met up with the Cochell's and Ho's.  Always a treat.
I bought this orange fleece the day before I got married, no idea why but it's funny to me.
My lovely friend Shannon and her precious baby girl, Cambelle Grace.  By far the cutest lion ever.  Love me some baby girls in costume.
And so does the hubs.

Wildwood puts on an amazing storybook walkthrough of the presentation of the gospel.  Alice in Wonderland, Narnia, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan...the whole gang took us page by page deeper into the truth of Jesus.

It was pretty amazing.
I love watching him loving on his babies.  He is the perfect daddy to this house of pink.
And baby girl knows she is beyond loved by him.
Altogether, the night was the berries.  Time with friends and family, soaking up these babies like they're goin' out of style.
The kitchen of weekend goodness wasn't done yet.  More joy was to come.

Our friends, the Jenkin's, are having a fabulous fall as well.  In fact, I'd say they have just plain hit the jackpot of awesomeness and goodness of the Lord.
A few months ago they brought home 2 little ones from the Ukraine.  Bringing home royalty into the fold of family. Into the blessing of love and affection.  Forever.
So today we celebrated.
The Moffit's farm provided the sweetest setting for such a celebration, complete with every kind of pumpkin treat, hay rides, and plenty of opportunity for exploration of the outdoors.

And this precious one.  If you know Annie Margaret, you are blessed.  She is just truly a treasure to be around and her life speaks volumes of His healing power and fulfillment of promise.

Alison, me, Doc Moffit
Beth, Abbey, Alice

And time set aside to pray over this precious family of 5.  Declaring His promise of plans and provision, of health and joy, rest and grace for this season and the seasons to come.
He is so good.  We are thankful.

We love this family.  Just love them to pieces.  They are ambassadors for His kingdom, for the steadfast pursuit of their rainbows, their children full of hope and promise.
Welcome home little ones, you are loved more than you know.
Back at the nest, there was much to be done.  Laundry, cleaning, de-cluttering, dishes, and the never ending to-do list.
None of it got done.  Not one bit.  I opted for a nice, long afternoon nap curled up next to 2 little girls.  One staring back at me just like she did as a newborn.  The other one a bit giddy and flopping around like a fish until her energy ended and she sacked out.
We needed our rest, you know.
We had hot cocoa to drink and pumpkins to carve.

We toasted the seeds, tossed 'em in some oil and garlic salt at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.
Tasty little bits.

I love fall for so many reasons.  Love the smells, the kitchen goodness, the pumpkin decor, the crisp cool air, the football games on television.  Just love the whole thing. 
The weekend served up memories and joy, welcoming in all fall has to offer with His presence and blessings.
And we happily partook, drinking in deeply.

"He has shown His kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons,
filling up our hearts with food and joy."
Acts 17:14

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just How We Like It

Every week I see my dad at Panera.  He stands there with saggy jeans on his lean, tiny frame with a denim jacket.  His hands tucked into his pockets, chatting with his regular group of fellas wearing baseball caps.
My daddy has been gone for almost 3 years but every week when Shannon and I meet, I see him and my heart loves to stare.  How can someone else look and have mannerisms just like someone I used to watch and talk to, the man who walked me down the aisle and made silly jokes?
Today, I finally introduced myself.  I told him who he reminds me of, how much I miss him, and how much his presence here each week blesses me deep in my soul.  He hugged me and smiled and asked me to say a quick hello to him from now on.  
Sounds good to me.
Now that's what I consider a fabulous start to the week.  
In addition to our pajama party morning.  Emma and Alice sat in the floor playing with books and puzzles while Sophie (shocker) did her own thing.

After some much needed time at home, we packed up with the lovely Alicia and headed to the Zoo.  We had important agendas of seeing the newly born tigers and of course, the elephants.

As always, the OKC Zoo proudly delivers a fantastic performance sure to delight and bring out immense happiness.

And finding some friends along the way was pretty sweet too.

We found out pumpkin whoopie pies get a little soft and gooey when you throw 'em in a stroller for a few hours at the zoo in my opinion making them even better.  
This is my friend Brooke.  She's just gorgeous, I mean it.  Who can walk around the zoo chasing 2 little ones and still look like a rock star?  Her.
Alicia has lived with us for almost 2 years and funny enough, between the hustle and bustle of life, we don't get to spend a lot of time with her.  She had a day off from work and chose to spend it with us.  She must really love us because I think I would have chosen I'll-stay-home-in-peace-and-quiet for 600, Alex.
Instead she joined us for the day.  Lunch in the car, strollers, snacks, playing at the zoo park, and this.
Pretty sure she and Sophie could have sat on this fence all day long watching the elephants.  And I could too.
This picture was an attempt at a self portrait of Bunny and I.
I look like a mama in this picture, more than usual I think.  I remember years ago watching mamas from the backseat, sipping their coffee, running carpool, passing out snacks, with lines around her cheeks, wrinkles from years of smiles and life.  Sun spots from hours and days outside during toasty summers on long walks, park adventures, afternoon dips in the pool.
And now these babies have a similar view from the backseat.
This view.
But my view is better.
Needless to say, the Zoo was the bomb.
More costume parties ensued this week even at dance class.  Sister went as Tinkerbell.
Emma went as, wait for it...Rapunzel.  Our sweet friend Valencia joined us for class and the sugar-overload party afterwards.
I had my weekly hang out in the lobby while she had class.  Watching other mamas with their kiddos and watching the older girls going from class to class, without parents because they are years beyond this season of your-wrinkled-face-mama-waits-at-the-studio-for-you-during-class.
I like my season.  I like it a lot.
Onto even more exciting things like me learning how to fix hair because let's be honest, I need to figure it out and get pretty good at it with all of these girls around here.
Emma wanted her hair curled.
Fall is bringing some major cold and wet our way this week.
We're pumped.  Because he'll be home and there's plenty planned with the perfect ebb and flow of playing at fall festivals, time with sweet friends, syrupy pancake breakfasts with babies, and resting and doing nothing together.

Just how we like it.