"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Moments

Sometimes peanut butter gets me thinking.

Sophie and I were hanging out and I was watching her chop her crackers and smear them with peanut butter. Thinking this is the exact place I want to be.  That one day when she comes and goes by her own set of keys and agenda I will look back on this moment and be so grateful.
Many moments like this in the past week.  Little moments that have nothing grand to show for other than the joy that floods my heart.
And maybe a few soggy, crumbled crackers from my girl that I just couldn't turn down.

Our peanut butter table talk got me thinking about the little moments I am loving right now.
There's plenty.

We are loving us some fall weather.  I feel like I've been welcoming this season for awhile and still the sun keeps baking my pansies and sun kissing my babies.
Fine by me, but this week has cooled down quite a bit, calling for heavy blankets on babies' beds and pulling out cozy sweaters.  Yes, please.
Which also means incorporating canned pumpkin into everything.
Pumpkin scones with maple glaze.  Order up.  It's the perfect scent and taste to bring fall right into your kitchen.
Pinky promise.

This past weekend we relished in having the hubs home and met up with friends for some major tailgating and college football.

Sister discovered layered bean dip and I didn't have it in me to deprive her of such wonderfulness.  So I didn't.

I should have diced up the veggie tray and shielded her from such overly processed options like refried beans. But I didn't.
I sat that baby in a chair and let her go to town.  Olives, green onion, cheese, beans...she loved every bite. Meanwhile, Boo discovered Doritos.

Nacho Cheese flavored to be exact.  She was covered in orange by the end of it.  No worries though, she chased it down with a burger and Sprite.

The sun set on our happy little gathering and we took sweet babies home, skipping baths and instead reading books and settling into bed.  More fun on the schedule was ahead.

Emma had a princess party before house church.  

I'm learning this is going to be a regular occurrence in this house of pink.

Sister is convinced she has Rapunzel's actual haircut so we went with the flowers in her hair and the Walmart special Tangled dress.


We played with our friends too.  Sweet Millie and her mama and little brother came over and we happily ran into some friends at our favorite park.

There's something about this picture of Emma that looks so grown up.  Like she's just hangin' with the boys.
Like it's no big deal.

And then there's this little nugget.
Baby girl loves her a tupperware party.  She's about to reach the major stuff, like syrup, olive oil, red pepper flakes.  So the party is almost over but for now, party on little one.
Love.  I'm just in love with her.
I know other mamas who do this creative crafts and furniture thing really well.  I am not one of those mamas.
But I want to be.
I needed a change in the living room.  That change lead me to needing a table.  So I grabbed a few old boxes, hosed them down with some Pledge and viola'!
My new favorite table.

My babies were napping and I sat and enjoyed the teeny tiny moment of feeling accomplished.

Loving our new set up, especially when illuminated with the cozy evening sun.
But back to the princess party thing.  
We had another princess party this week and little sister was invited this time.  Jackpot.
She was elated and deep down so was mama.
I happily took my little crew to Bekham's house to celebrate.  She's such a sweet friend and we have been so blessed by her family.  More than thrilled to celebrate this precious friend.
Princess Lynn and Princess Rose.

And yes, Boo sat in the chair and took it all in with her finger in her nose.  She turned down all the options of make-up, mani/pedis, tatoos, and pixie dust.  She went for the experience and the Pizza Shuttle.
I mean, she is my daughter.
Sometimes peanut butter gets me thinking.
Because in between the challenges of getting dinner on the table, reflecting patience in her moment of failure, and poopy diapers, are the little moments that seep in and create the opportunity we mamas get to choose to dive into.  We quiet the voices in our head that say we should be doing the things that need to be done, the places we're scheduled to be, and instead we stay put.
Honored to be a part of these treasured pockets of time when she tells me about her day at school.
How she rattles of jibberish but I totally get it.  I get her.

And how I get to cheer her on and tell her she's loved and adored.
A tokened treasure it is to be with these babies all day.
Hours made up of little moments.


  1. precious! absolutely precious! i think i need me some peanut butter thinkin' moments more often!

  2. i love this sooo much. i love your new side table...but i love getting inside some of your moments with your amazing littles..