"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pink Bookends

If you ask Emma, she would tell you the weekend was the berries.  For many reasons.
Our kick off of playing on campus was just the beginning of the horizon of fun.

We began with a princess birthday party.
The perfect start to this sandwiched weekend.

Mamas and little princesses left daddies and siblings at home to retreat to a cloud of pink and sweetness.  The lovely Millie Jean is 4 years old now.  Costume aside, she's a princess at heart.
These sweet girls princesses made crowns, ate ice cream sundaes, and had their nails painted while the mamas sipped iced coffee and watched their little versions of themselves relish in the moment.
And then we slipped back into the car, back to the nest.  A few last minute details to welcome our family to Norman.
The Relatives Came is one of the greatest children's books of all time.  My school librarian read it to me for the first time when I was Emma's age.  I've been in love ever since.  I checked it out every year in school.  I read it to my class every year when I was a teacher.
And now it feels like a sweet interpretation of when our relatives come.
The house bursts with people everywhere.  Some playing and laughing.  Some reading and listening to the sounds of others napping to the tune of college football in the background.
We trickled outside for park adventures and bubbles.  Backyard soccer and swinging super high.

We skipped naps and played, soaking in every moment together because time with this family is just wonderful.
A few of us ladies grabbed Bunny and snuck away for a bit of shopping and browsing at TJ Maxx.  A hidden treasure if you ask me.  Bargains and deals.
And plenty of opportunity for sister to wave at everyone she passed.

Back on the home front, Chris' brother Geoff held down the fort with the kids.  All went well.
We jumped in our OU gear and headed to campus.  Anyone who lives in the south knows we're serious about our football.  There's a atmosphere that brews on campus on game day.
And we eat it up.

I just love this kid.  Simple as that.  She's a mess, all the time.  And I just love her to pieces.

Pretty sure if you grabbed Brad Pitt and the Chic Fil A cow and threw them in the same room, my kids would pick the cow as the bigger celebrity.  Cow's got rank in this house.  
I peeled them off the cow and we continued on.

As much as I love baking and cooking, I took some rain checks this weekend and opted for simple dishes that provided less time at the stove and more time with the fam.
Yogurt Parfaits.  Granola, yogurt, fresh berries.  Breakfast is served.
My girl pushed it hard this weekend.  By Sunday she was a quiet, tired, snotty mess trying to fall asleep on the carpet.
Always a sign of a good weekend.

There's just something sweet about watching folks love on your babies.  Because it's instinctive for a mama to wipe tears, stop mid sentence to pick up a tired babe, or read the same book a hundred times over.
But when she comes to town and sits with my girl at the table playing Pictionary for an hour, my heart swells.
Our time is always too short.  We'll see you soon when we come to you, and fill your Christmas strewn house with sleeping bags and suitcases.  Ready to make memories and so much more.
After house church, we played and celebrated yet another precious one.  Sweet Ella Rose is 3 years old.  So appropriate for this little one, she chose a pink ballerina dance party.
My girls were on it.
The perfect ending of a lovely weekend.  A bookend if you will.

We began with royalty and ended in ballerina fashion, with everything in between being absolutely blissful.
Perfectly pink bookends for this weekend of blessing.
Ready for the week ahead.

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