"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend Loves

Good groceries, we had a fantastic week.

Still feeling a little bit unbalanced and beginning to think this whole "finding balance" thing is a sham and the things I am actually capable of right now are flexibility with a side of letting go.
But a fantastic week nonetheless.

Earlier in the week, I noticed word had spread to the 6 and 8 legged critters in the yard that the party was inside with plenty of piles on the floor to hide under and many delicious crumbs to snack on all over the house.  So like any good housewife, I called the huz and said bring me the largest diet coke you can find and got to work until the wee hours of the morning.  Love me some productivity.

And about 7 cups of coffee the next day.

Fridays are the jumpstart to the weekend.  Thus bringing in the fun and togetherness these 3 days have to offer. Reminding us what we love about weekends.

Easy Fridays.
We kept it simple on Friday, leaving the nest for a doctor's appointment, a quick trip to the store for ingredients for Broccoli Cheese Soup, and back home for a play date with friends.

Sweet Emmy.  She is the most gorgeous baby on the planet.  For sure.

After our friends carried on, we found ourselves piddling outside just 'cuz.

Naps for All.
By Fridays, the house seems a bit tired and worn out.
Exhibit A.

So we napped and geared up for the weekend.  And maybe I slipped in bed with this angel and snoozed.
Just maybe.

The hubs made his television debut this weekend, serving as the color-analyst for the OU women's soccer game. The guy who banters with the other guy "calling" the game, offering insight, facts, and analysis of the plays and players.
So I packed up the girls and we headed to the field.

Chris was way up in a booth so we couldn't see/hear him.  But that's besides the point.
We were there cheering him on wherever he was because deep down, this is his element.
We stumbled across a few friends while we were there.  Always a treat.

with Keaton

Alicia.  Words can't express how we love her.  To the moon and back, for sure.

with Isaiah and Lily

The night was a success.  The hubs in the lime light, the babies rolling down the hill until they were silly and walking sideways, and spending time with friends.
The game will air Saturday night.  Popcorn will be ready.
Nice work, Doke.

Saturday Morning Breakfasts.
Apple Cider Pancakes were whipped up.  Some mamas eye shoes in storefronts, I keep myself contained with anticipation of these sweet, fluffy morsels covered in sugary cinnamon goodness.
This recipe did not disappoint.

Bunny had her very own miniature short stack.
Sister knows a good thing when she sees it.

And she ate every last bite.

The Nest.
 We spent a lot of time around the house while Alice took her morning nap.  Changing out summer for winter clothes, making piles for Goodwill,writing lists for who needs what.  Spending time with daddy reading stacks of books.
Venturing out for a little bit.
The Jaqua's and Hardage's were having a garage sale and it was calling our name.  The girls took their allowances to make some purchases.
Classic differences in my kids would soon make their appearance.
Emma, carefully examined every item on display and then selected 2 items.  A coffee mug and mixing cups. She paid her money, saving half of her stash of coins for another day.
Then went inside to play dress up with Amanda.

A little different approach.  Sister could care less about bargains or the concept of only buying what you can afford.  In about 15 seconds sister racked up a pile of stuff.
After some explanation, she bought it all and spent every last cent in her purse.
One word for her.  Impulsive.
Soaking up Sunshine.
We had to park it up a little bit before tail gating and Sooner magic.
Baby girl loves the swing.  She'll sit there all day and just giggle at you.  Seriously, my face hurts after we swing because I smiled the whole time.
See what I mean?
There's more to come from our weekend loves and that's the best part.
We'll sport our crimson and cream to see friends and eat some grub.  We'll let babies stay up late and play outside till the sun goes down.

Come Sunday, folks will fill up our home for house church.  We'll tell of His goodness and how He's moving. We'll rally together over dinner and talk about the things to come.
Everyone will leave, we'll close down the weekend and tuck tired littles into their beds and prepare for the week ahead.
Smiling at the weekend, now in the past, and how much we loved it.

Our weekend loves delivered.

If you have fun weekend loves, please share!  I'm always looking for things to add to the line up.

Happy weekend!

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