"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Monday, December 5, 2011

Heart is Full

The heart is full right now.  As in, full to the brim overflowing, laugh-and-cry-at-any-given-moment kinda full.
I'll start with our North Pole breakfast.  Simple joy.  I woke the girls up for an extra special weekend kickoff.  Because the weekend begins on Friday around here.
Our time around the table with snow-dusted donuts, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and Christmas jammies created the beautiful snowball effect that took on more gusto of merry and cheer.
I mean after all, that's what weekends are for.
Weekends are for baking with little hands.
The weekend pick, Ginger Drop Cookies.  We kept it simple with Betty's recipe and I let the mini bakers take it away with measurements and operations.

And my babies delivered.
More powdered sugar, please.  We're adding "snow" to anything we possible can.

Weekends are for pajama days.
Since the much anticipated new soft, cozy treasures were received, they only came off little bodies with much pleading and reasoning.

No Sophie, you cannot wear your pajamas to Molly's party.

This weekend was for celebrating little ones growing up, becoming little people, making plans and dreaming dreams.
First up, Miss Molly.
I just love this little princess.

Molly's mama created a sweet book themed party.  Sister knows how to throw a party.
And these babies know how to partay.
Even Bunny.
Next stop on the birthday train, Keaton.
This baby feels like he's mine, a treasure prayed for and welcomed into this world with immense gratitude and joy.  We happily celebrated as we kept saying how we just couldn't believe he was already 5 years old.  How does this happen?

But here's the best part of my weekend.  Enter box of tissues and the ugly cry for mama.
This moment.

Keaton's grandpa, loving him some Ali Beth.  I went from making snowmen from marshmallows and pretzels to deep gratitude and emotion. Because you see, this is the moment my heart cries out for but will never see...my daddy, their grandpa, kissing their cheeks and feeling the warmth of a baby pressing into his affection.  His wrinkled old hands cradling her tiny body, her tender self sitting on his lap while he makes jokes and tells her stories.
This moment is powerful.  This moment is His gift to this mama's heart that He sees her, hears her heart cries brought as an offering, her blessing in an unexpected moment.
I am grateful.
 And this weekend, those tender moments continued.  

We cuddled and read books, waiting for our new favorite breakfast to be ready.
Enter goodness on a platter.  Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.
 Good groceries, these are the best pancakes I've ever had.
And word to the wise, the last batch of cakes are the best because your griddle will look and smell like buckets of cinnamon and brown sugar.
 This recipe is super easy and you can even cheat with some Bisquick.
Two thumbs up at the Doke house.
Because weekends are for new recipes and full bellies.
And Market Pantry extra dark chocolate hot cocoa.
Weekends are for decorating with anticipation the celebration of His birth.  We made our Jesse Tree, a wonderful way to gather littles and tell of His goodness.  My friends Emily and Abbey do this every year and it's just the berries.

Weekends are for taking little ballerinas to the Nutcracker.
A few mamas got together for a little night of dinner and ballet on campus, treated and blessed by a lovely mama herself, Lori.
 There just aren't words to describe these little princesses.

Weekends are for cozying up with a baby, watching her soak in the evening, sitting all pretty in her dress as she holds my hand and asks me to scratch her back.
So this is love.

The weekend was for the taking and we happily partook of His goodness at hand.  The week ahead promises bundled babies, nights sipping coffee and reading books to eager hearts, parties and gatherings because we love each other's company.

Thank you weekend and hello to you, week to come.

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