"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Heart Swells

Christmas Confession: when I was in high school, in the winter, instead of toilet papering people's houses, we would rearrange their Christmas lights.
Fabulous idea.

Pinky promise.
This house is stirred up currently.
We've got the Christmas time traditions crankin' and now the added bonus, the fuel on the fire, of the in-9-months-there-will-be-another-baby-in-this-house thing making us all giddy.
My sweet mama sent some Christmas goodies for the girls.  Always a treat.

And then I came home to this lovely gift one afternoon from Alicia.
Speaking of love, this little baby and soon to be big sister continues to wreck me.  I mean, her little bottom could be one of the cutest things ever.  She's so proud of herself these days.
Pulling to stand like a big girl and staying up for almost a minute.  Enough time to completely destroy the pantry or any other surface that, in her opinion, needs some shifting around.
I still clap and cheer frantically so she knows just how celebrated she is.
My daughter, Alice Elizabeth, who I am so proud of.

And then there's this one.
Case and point.  She's her own character and we wouldn't have it any other way.
This week we settled into a nice ebb and flow of ventures out and staying at the nest.
We went to Hobby Lobby and I love their sweet staff there, they try so hard to greet us and wipe off the look on their faces that say, "Are you nuts, lady?  You're bringing 3 kids into this store?"

I mean, we needed garland, angel wings, and a utility knife.  And Boo found some dinosaurs that needed someone to give them a voice, a roar if you will.
We made a quick stop at the park on the way home.  The swings were calling our names.
Especially this one.

I feel unaccomplished this week.  Like I made no progress at the important stuff that needed to get done.
This was a week that Sister needed truckloads of lovin' and affection heaped on her, filling her heart and reassuring her the place, the value she holds in our family.

And the laundry grows, the dirt settles in, and sandwiches are served at dinner.

Ebb and flow, I'm learning to love you.

While Chris took the older girls for a donut date, I happily stayed home with my littlest one.
We decided we needed some oatmeal.  But not just any kind of oatmeal, we wanted Jenny's Peanut Butter & Honey Oatmeal.
No measurements needed.  Just dump in a few spoonfuls of each peanut butter and honey once you've cooked up your oats.
They go even better with a little jammied baby body.
After breakfast, some friends dropped in for a sweet delivery.
This box.
3 years ago tomorrow, Chris came home early from work on a cold, winter's day to tell me my dad had passed.  The journey of loss would begin for me.
My friends rallied on that day, the day of the funeral, and have continued to lavishly love me, meeting me in the place of loss.
My friend Stacie brought me a box full to the brim with notes from all of my dearest friends, telling me truth, sharing His words, conveying His nearness.
There are not words to describe the heart swells.

I feel His nearness.  I feel His love.
Thank you friends for being the avenue of His grace and peace, His comfort and gift to the fatherless.
I am overwhelmed with unspeakable joy.

After the gift of this precious box, I have found I am left with few words at all.

Left only with His gratitude and peace.

Left with heart swells that stir up the emotion that has filled my heart to the brim, overflowing.
Parties tonight, house church tomorrow.  Nights of sipping coffee and wrapping presents on the horizon.

Nothing will come close to touching the way the Lord has captured my heart on this day.

Happy weekend to all.


  1. love the pictures, so beautiful! It is so good to keep up with your family, I sure miss House church!

    Congrats on the little one coming....



  2. thanks sweet Sam! love and miss you! xoxo

  3. Thinking of you today.

    Had fun catching up last night. Need to have a play date after the holidays!