"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Friday, December 2, 2011

O Christmas Tree

This time of year brings so much joy and celebration.  So many treasures to stir up gratitude and make way for traditions and annual rituals. The boxes of hot cocoa consumed, the stacks of books of His marvelous journey to this earth, the parties and savored moments to come.

But first, this kid is wrecking me.
I don't know what it is about her that just brings me to tears.  Maybe because she's my youngest, the baby, or because we watched her fight so hard as the Lord healed and restored her worn out little body.
Not sure.  But the little nugget just about levels me on a daily basis.

Case and point.
And my Bear, she wants to rule the world.  Pretty sure she and Valencia could manage to crank out some plans to make that happen.

My Sophie Lynn, she turned 3 and morphed into a little girl.  Doing dishes at the sink, talking on her phone, giving quite stern opinions on clothing options.  Sister knows what she wants.
And I like it.

But back to this one.

Yep.  Wrecked again.
Then stuff like this happens.
And then more stuff like this happens.
Mess.  I'm just a complete mess these days.

The pendulum has swung again and I'm back on the playing side of things.  The hubs getting dressed in the morning by digging out clothes from the dryer, because I do the pass by, hit the refresh dry button for a few minutes in hopes that I will in fact get to the folding and putting away part.  Hasn't happened yet.
Sorry honey.  I had North Pole breakfast place cards to glitter.

And he smiles and knows I need grace, lots of grace.  You can add it to the list of things not getting done around here because we are drinking in this Christmas season and taking advantage of every opportunity to gulp down some merry and cheer.

Thus, the Christmas tree has been put up with plenty of little helpers.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree.
Our tree tells a story.  The stories of newlyweds celebrating their first Christmas together, becoming a family, bringing littles home from the hospital all bundled in shades of pink.
Even a treasure of when this mama was once a little girl.
Plenty of ornaments to communicate where our loyalties stand.  In case you had any question.
It's the first thing I do before babies wake up, turn on the lights that greet our little feet tip toeing downstairs for breakfast.
And while this dreary, cold weather makes me want to hold up in the house in pajamas dusted in cinnamon roll icing (easy recipe), we do venture out to places of necessity and places of fun.
We stumbled upon the Target bakery and sister picked out of blueberry bagel, which I came to quickly understand she had zero desire or agenda to share with me.
Don't even think about it, mama.
Okay, okay.
Boo went in true Doke fashion with a donut.  I can't blame her.

Back home at the nest, Ali Beth is all over this pulling to stand thing.  It's like she's known how to do it all along and now busts it out just because.
I'm watching little one.  I'm watching.

Alice Elizabeth, my daughter, who I am so proud of.

The forecast ahead is calling for cold and wet with a blistering north wind.  And that means the hubs is home, Lori's chicken enchilada soup bubbling on the stove, jammied babied bodies, and football humming in the background.

A fabulous weekend of Christmas cheer is on the horizon.

Gulping will be encouraged.


  1. Okay the picture of Ali Beth reaching up for you required a double take... could she look anymore like mama or what?!?! Don't even get me started on the lil bootie pics, WARNING: I may eat her next time I see her.

  2. Could be my favorite post yet (except I think that every time I read one). The picture of Alice with the bagel is by far my favorite picture!!

  3. Love this beautiful friend, I hope we can enjoy some holiday festivities together soon! :)