"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Adventure. Check. {a lil' Ali Update}

Good groceries this whole moving with 3 kids thing is an adventure soaked in grace, lots of grace.  We are in full swing of boxes everywhere, most everything is packed amidst multiple conversations that _____ is coming to the new house.  And yes, I'm positive your toys and pajamas will make it to the new house, I promise.  It's funny what little minds process through when moving.  Their questions make me smile.  And since packing the entire kitchen last week, we're sampling every frozen dinner Target has to offer, so far so good.  

Adventure.  Check. 

Meanwhile, I can't get this child to wear anything other than her kitty cat shirt.  I wash it every other day now and Sister stands at the dryer like a broken record asking for it's completion.
And then it happened, the hubs looked at me with those green eyes and asked for some homemade cookies.  

I can't say no to that man.  

But I did pack everything necessary to measure and make anything.  So I sent him next door to grab a casserole pan and I used Emma's plastic cup and eyeballed the whole recipe.  Who says baking must be exact?  I undercooked that sucker and dumped some peanut butter on it and no one complained a bit.

But in the midst of that, we still had one more birthday celebration with our fellow princesses.
My girl is specific, down to the napkin color and look of her cake.  The gym delivered and the girls had a blast.

Emma invited some friends from school to come and celebrate her birthday.  A small group of little bodies running around on tippy toes with shrieks of happiness.
A celebration indeed.

Sweet Josh didn't know that we're going make him work.  As always, he happily stepped into their world and they delightfully applauded with giggles and smiles.
 And pointed toes.

 Man I love this baby.  She knows a good thing when she sees it.
 The conclusion of birthday celebrations was wonderful.  My girl savored and loved it.
 Happy birthday sweet one.  You are loved more than you know.
The week carried on with the perfect ebb and flow of leaving the nest and being home.
 Which means more time for this.

And this.
Afternoons at home, playing in the backyard.

Sister started climbing trees and she beams with pride.
Look mama.
I see you Bear, I see you.
Alice had a few appointments this week, all have gone well.  We're mapping our goals and benchmarks for my girl, both verbally and physically for the next year.  Our therapists and case worker are all amazing.  They speak life over our Bunny.  Sooner Start will come every other week for a year.  We'll also head to the city, for now, every week for physical and speech therapy.  More sign language, strengthening exercises, and the best homework we'll ever have, our Bunny.
Dr. Eskew taped her belly today with special tape to stimulate her stomach muscles and she's very proud, she pats her belly and smiles.

She makes me smile.

The beauty of it all, is He's bigger than milestones and benchmarks.  He made her, crafted her perfectly.  We know her progress will come and we're rejoicing along the way.

And while we're in the city, we met up with Liz for lunch.  A girl's lunch if you will.  What a treat, what a delight she is.  I used to see Liz years ago and think how I would love to be friends with her some day.  Dream come true, anyone who knows her agrees.
She's just simply lovely.

So here we are, enjoying this lovely weather, sitting on the back porch nibbling on some mac n cheese, a frozen meal of course.

I could sit here all day long.  She's yummy, a sweet morsel to be gobbled to pieces.

Unforgettable surprise in the delight from feeding a baby pasta.  Check.

There is much to be done.

Any mama knows the laundry is always coming, someone's always tugging on my pant leg simultaneously smearing their snot, and you can take what Oprah thought was multitasking to a whole new level.
The gift of motherhood, the daily return of immeasurable value in shaping the kingdom of tomorrow, because He's already given them the keys.  
So here's to what's to come.  To warmer weather, living with friends, watching babies grow, running carpool, and taking a frozen meal and turning it into a memory I never want to fade.


  1. amen! it's all such a glorious mess, isn't it? where are you moving? staying in norman?

  2. Thrilled the appointments went well for miss Ali!

  3. So happy for you guys! We hope to post something similar soon! ;)