"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Dreamy Day

Chris had the day off for President's Day.

A bit of a last minute surprise that welcomed in shrieks of joy from the girls, unlocking heart swells of hidden plans tucked away for a dreamy day together as a family.

We began our day with breakfast at a local Mexican diner.  The girls played it safe with their selected choices of pancakes while Chris and I went for the gold.  Huevos Rancheros.  Not sure if my nausea is tapering off or if my taste buds were on target, but I promise you it's the best breakfast I've ever had.

A trip to Starbucks to see Alicia and load up on my long lost love of coffee.  Hot cocoa requests were met and we set off for the girls' next choice on the agenda.

We quickly gulped down our drinks and cozied up at the dinosaur museum.

I love the questions that come from little curious minds.
Mama, what happens at night?  I mean, where to the dinosaur bones sleep?
Why is he angry (referring to the T-rex)?
Where's his mommy?  
And then without a doubt, the supreme answer is given to put an end to any possible query.
Oh, he must be hungry.  Courtesy of Sophie's logic and explanation.

I like this kid.  I liker her a lot.

Alice was indifferent on the dinosaurs or any exhibit for that matter.  The children's exploration center on the other hand, was just her style.  Sister colored, played, and took the grand opportunity to practicer her mad skills of pushing a chair around the room.

All in all, we love this place.  A family favorite for sure.

We visited the deli for lunch, running into friends.  Exchanging hellos and catching up on adventures to Africa and updates of kids.

A few tasks still needed to be done, so we did them together, including getting groceries.  And in my opinion what is usually a tetris task to be executed in speed and efficiency, today, we more relished and soaked in.  We piddled and strolled through aisles, stopping by the bakery for freshly baked cookies on our way to picking out our favorite fruit.

Our house construction is underway and decisions are being made.  Today, I made the executive decision to paint all of the bedrooms upstairs pink.  Each room will soon look like a strawberry milkshake poured over the walls.  I'm excited about this raising 4 baby girls adventure we're on.  Embracing with joy the many shades of pink and pink.  I can almost hear Shelby's southern twang in her voice...
I like pink, Mama.  Pink is my signature color.

My thoughts exactly.

My girl was headed out to school, proudly dressed in her self-chosen attire.  So proud and independent.  Sometimes I still catch myself packing her lunch and thinking to myself how I can't believe I'm already a mama.  Driving carpool, running babies to ballet, filling sippy cups, and writing notes in her lunch like my sweet mama used to do.  It's surreal to me even now.

We've chosen this life of changing diapers, watching your waistline expand to accommodate a growing nugget, and being on the never ending rotation of meals and baths.  Because the truth is we've been entrusted with royalty, every parent has been.  We've got babies to raise up so that when their little feet hit the ground, the enemy's heart trembles with fear.

They're awake and they're coming.
They're coming to lay hands on the sick and see them healed.
They're coming to shake up the foundation of the kingdom of darkness and forever change the world around them.
And it begins in a diaper gripping sippy cup.

I loved this day, every minute of it.
Even though sprinkled with tantrums and whining...I didn't want it to end.
And so it has, the norm has resumed and we are filled with an inexpressible joy we can't contain.  We get mini versions all week long of this glorious day chalked with play and togetherness.

And while we're on the topic of joy, my girl has added a second word to her list of things to say.
Hi.  Sounds more like Hi-yee and it's about the sweetest sound I've ever heard.  Doesn't matter if you are coming or going, she'll say it to you and it will wreck you.  She's thinking about saying Mama, I can just tell.

Shrieks of joy and heart swells for sure.

Speaking heart swells, here's a bump pic for the family and friends, far far away.  We're 14 weeks in and we can't wait to meet her.
She'll come along on our dreamy days soon enough.

Happy week to you!


  1. Ah sweet baby belly, she's a cookin! LOVE the museum... umm can I climb in and dust for bones please:)

  2. This gives me chills, "when their little feet hit the ground, the enemy's heart trembles with fear." What powerful words, I love it! Thanks for the encouragement as we head into the rest of the week with our babies!