"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Monday, February 13, 2012

A House Story.

Lately, we've had a lot of questions about our move.

Where are we moving?
Why are we moving?
Why such a fast move?
Was this all of the sudden or planned?

Behold, I bring answers but more than that, I bring a story of the Father's perfect tapestry to stir hearts and then open the flood gates of ease and blessing.  This could be a 20 paragraph post so here's the simplified version.

June 2011- Heart stirring from the Lord to move.  We responded yes, but maybe in 1-2 years.

July- Looked at a house across town.  I loved it, Chris was not as into it.  Okay he wasn't even on the same planet as I was.  Nothing wrong with the house, just not his thing and the price was way high for us.  We looked at it a few more times, among other houses, just casually browsing.

December 12th- Surprise with 2 pink lines.  There's a baby coming folks!

December 13th- Through a series of events, the owner of the house (we saw in June) calls me and says, "Megan, honey, come and buy my house."

Um, okay.

We made our offer, a very low offer and contingent upon our house selling.  The owners accepted.  Holla!

December 26th- The taking down of Christmas, de-cluttering, and packing begin.

December 28th- The hubs says, "Uh, so we have our first house showing in 30 minutes."  I'm in my pajamas surrounded by boxes, piles, messes, and 3 kids.  The family comes, walks through the house, calls 20 minutes later with an offer.  Sold.

Thank you Jesus and goodness sakes, we have work to do.
So that's the story in a nutshell.  We are blessed and although the process was a whirlwind, He stirred us, lead us, and carried us with ease.  A little bit of updating and remodeling and then it's time to nestle into our new digs.  We are grateful.

A massive post will come soon with many before's and after's.  I could watch before/after shows all day long so if you're like me, this will appease you.

For now, we're turning into Hoagie's and we like it.  Adventure awaits as we snooze on blow-up mattresses and live out of tubs, meshing together 2 families, and partaking in memories.

Farewell sweet home.  We have tears and sadness because you were more than just a home, you were the place thousands of memories were birthed and treasured.  The place that welcomed us home from long days and the daily grind.  Our safe haven of love and affection, the place where we became a family.  You are not ours anymore and that aches our hearts more than we expected.

Goodbye to you, thank you sweet house, for everything.

Tonight we are nestling into our new digs, well, the Hoagie's new digs that is.  They greeted us with signs of kindness and twinkle lights that say welcome friends.

After a weekend of packing, trips to the house with loaded trailers (thank you Rowdy and Josh), farming out the babies to sweet Diane (more farming for all of the closings), the POD, the movers, the cleaning and hole filling/painting, the celebration of more pink with pink ice cream, and we even squeezed in 2 Daddy-daughter dances.  

Ah the Daddy Daughter Dance...my girls shined.  They loved the whole process, from picking out their princess attire, to choosing an up-do...m'kay really I have no skills here but just did the best I could and they showed me grace.

I love our house story.  I love His indentation of provision and simplicity marked for us.  I love the season to come of living with 2 different families and receiving from them such grace and kindness.  Our hearts are sad to leave our house, really sad.  Walking through an empty house you have drenched in memories is hard to let go.  We're sad but at the same time expectant and excited.

Home will look a bit different for the next 2 months and then we will anchor into our new nest.

Home sweet home.


  1. I'm really feeling you on the sadness of leaving a house. It can be tough - But I know you'll glide gracefully through it as a family. :) SOOO Happy for you guys!! God really works things in amazing ways.


  2. Brilliant story telling - and of course - more so because it is bathed in God's sovereignty. He's good like that. Seriously, your posts always get me teary eyed. I hope I can someday write a "cliff's note" outline of His leading and direction in a blog post :) Not yet . . . but perhaps someday. Congratulations on baby girl #4. I, too, am a HUGE fan of pink! So, so happy for you :) Sorry, I'm commenting about several posts all at once.