"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Us

The last week has been fabulous, full, and fun.  Now of course, as with any family with kids, you've gotta have some sickies, some meltdowns, and some moments when you want to join them and pitch a fit when things don't go your way.

All in all, we crammed in some goodness along with the practical demands.
Beginning with a girls' lunch to Fancy That.  It's one of those girly cafes that I sat in years ago and quietly said to myself that if I ever had a little girl, I would bring her here and treat her to a lunch.  Just us.
Well 5 years and 3 girls later, I remembered that little encounter with myself, and we hushed the productive whispers of need-to's and must-do's, and we frolicked into the cafe for lunch.

My Bunny sat like a princess.  I sat and gazed at her like the day she was born.
And then I sat and watched this tapestry of sisterhood gain a thread.  We made a memory, we savored and enjoyed.
We hugged and kissed.  Told stories and ordered fancy schmancy food.  We tucked away the burger and fries lovin' girls inside of us, and we delicately ate and sipped.

We relished in a girls lunch.  Just us.

The rest of the week carried on with play dates, errands, and I eventually got to the to-do lists put on the back burner.

We stop by our new house every day.  Here's the progress as of week 5.  Come Monday, all wood work will be white, walls will have splashes of Pale Oak color, and more changes will unfold.

Our contractor is the berries.  Everything is on schedule to finish in the next few weeks and it feels like Christmas morning is on the horizon.
We are grateful for our Doke-hosting friends but are eager to settle babies into their own beds, their own rooms, in our own house.

Just us.

We closed out our time with the Ho's and packed up.  We are now officially Waggoner's.  We've dropped off winter coats and boots in boxes, crammed in spring dresses to our tubs and prepared for the next season of living with yet another amazing family.
And that calls for jumping pictures, of course.
We dropped off our gear and packed back up and headed to Tyler, TX to visit family.  Which brings me to my nerdy item I like to pack on road trips with babies.
Throw away tupperware.  I like them because I can fill 'em up with grub and toss them to a baby and there's no spills.
Along our merry way, I spied a sign off the high way.  Fried Pie.
That's all I needed and since I was commandeering the vehicle, we stopped.
Any kind of pie you can imagine.  Our personalities each came out in our orders, with Sophie choosing deep chocolate.

And the mama, missing her daddy a lot lately, ordered in his honor.  Blackberry.

Great pit stop if you live in the area.  All babies and hubs agreed.
As always, we loved our time with the Doke's, Chris' oldest brother, and family.  My sister in law is in charge, and it's awesome.  I received all kinds of orders ranging from "Go take a nap" to "Flank steak and cheddar cheese in on the counter, come eat."  
I did what I was told.  And it was awesome.
We had a restful weekend keeping it easy as cooler temperatures and down pouring rain rolled into town.

A lovely visit forever reminding us we are blessed.  The drive home was even sweeter.  Babies napped while we listened to Bill Johnson, sipping Starbuck's, and making plans.
We are learning to navigate in this season of change.  Learning His peace doesn't come from an end result or having a constant home.  We are learning to process with little hearts the questions and pleas for our home, her bed, their toys.  The Lord is teaching us, revealing treasures to our hearts.  Lessons to be learned and gratitude to take in.  
A constant thing, steady and never changing, we love being together.  We're a family wherever that may be.  Everything else is just the icing on top.  

The sundae served up from the Father of sweetness and fulfillment.  Just us.


  1. So glad this week was so wonderful!! Love the fancy lunch with your beautiful girls! (their dresses are adorable BTW) Yay Ali Beth on saying Mama!! Sweet words. And finally your jumping picture was awesome. The fact that your preggers just makes it that much better!

  2. gotta love the Doke girls. you mother them oh-so-well!

  3. I love this post. You all are the sweetest! ;)