"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Friday, March 16, 2012

We Will Twirl

Let me just say there's a lot of emotion, pink, and twirling in our world.  The latter being kicked up a notch these days.  Not sure if it's the spring air, the floral prints I am craving for these little bodies, or the sunshine that seeps in windows each morning whispering Oh do come, come and twirl.

But this I do know, His joy comes in the morning and that calls for twirling.

We are week 5 into our adventures of living with several sets of friends while remodeling our new house.  But first, we have happy news to share.  Okay happy is an understatement.  We are ecstatic, over joyed, and elated.  One of Alice's therapists wanted to have her hearing screened because of her verbal delays and because she's typically a very quiet baby, not babbling or making a lot of noise.  She thought Alice's hearing may be muffled.  This week I took her for 2 hearing screenings to determine if she needed further testing for concerns.
And we are blessed to say her hearing is perfect.  No muffled hearing or any sort of distortion.
Since then, I've pretty much been a tear factory.  I'm just joyfully overwhelmed at the continual threads He is weaving in her story.
We celebrate this victory.  We are so grateful!
Last week we moved in with the Waggoner's and it's been wonderful.  I've received lots of questions about the logistics of house hopping and daily living with a family of 5 and a bun in the oven while remodeling a house and all that comes with taking care of 3 babies.  Here's a small snapshot of our current how-to's and lessons along the way.

When packing up our old house and packing us for living elsewhere for 7 weeks, I surrendered all sentimental values, which I may regret later but for now it's fine.  My brother Rod gave me the idea of taking photographs of the meaningful things and then giving/throwing them away.  No worries, not tossing out hospital bracelets so tiny I can't remember how she was that little...but birthday cards and nick-knacks, gone.  Every box is clearly labelled with the room it's going to and its contents.  Many trips to Salvation Army and many loads to the dumpster.  As far as the packing for house hopping, I packed 1 week's worth of clothes, shoes, jammies etc. for each girl...and a huge stick of Shout. I do laundry every other day to keep clothes on everyone, but the simplicity of it all works.
Everyone has a tub except me, I opted for the laundry basket, way faster for grabbing on the go.  It's limited for sure but again, the ease and lack of choice make it pretty fast to get little bodies dressed each morning.
Emma, Ali, & my room

Emma and I share a full bed and Alice is in a pack-n-play at the foot of our bed.  In another room down the hall, Chris shares the blow up mattress with Sophie.  We've mastered slipping out of bed leaving sleeping lovies dreaming dreams, because the day still calls for early morning commitments and for me, getting ready before babies wake up.  The sleep lacks deep rest but again, it works.  It's a season.
Chris & Sophie's room

Yes, there are many challenges.  I don't know where to begin on how challenging this season has been.  But what far outweighs the challenge is the blessing.  The little things that we are learning and choosing to enjoy.  I've learned Alice quietly babbles in her sleep.  Emma's love language is physical touch and the girl wants to touch you in her sleep.  She'll stick a foot, a hand, a knee, anything over to me just to feel me close to her.  When I slip into bed hours after her, she lightly wakes long enough to say Hi mama.  Sophie is craving home the most out of everyone and the way she settles in and makes herself comfortable is pulling out baking bowls and whisks from the kitchen.  She carries and "bakes" all over the house.  It calms her.

The hubs, well, he hasn't complained once.  He's a rock star and I like him, a lot.

I love how life carries on, the every day continues, and babies need lovin'.

Emma had a dance performance and Chris hustled in from out of town to be there showering her with honor.  I love watching her.  I'm captivated by the way her mind works, how she'll finish out each step even if she's behind.

How she beams with joy when we cheer and applaud a much deserved performance.

Alice too was deserving of much praise and cheers, she tried so hard in therapy this week.

Dr. Bob praised her efforts too, as he does every week.  Some weeks he pushes her hard and she struggles and cries.  This week, I could read game-on-bring-it all over her sweet face.

I love our therapist, I love how he speaks life and encouragement over her in the midst of delays and challenges.  I love how he himself, a man with cerebral palsy, walks in authority that we serve the God of the impossible.

We love him, all who know him love him.

And my Sophie, sister chills and does her own thing.  I think she would be content with a pile of mud, her boots, and some fishies all day long.

She's so deeply immersed in her own imagination and agenda, you can slip in and watch and sister presses on with delight.

I'll take her lead.  We press on with delight.  Our peace comes from Him daily, for the taking if we choose.  He gently reminds me it's not the end result of a house finished or a room put together, access to my stuff or being able to provide the solutions when little minds struggle to grasp the season we're in.  It's in Him alone.

This week we're at the Hartsock's again.  And that means slower paced mornings with the old fashioned oatmeal, not the fast stuff.  It means babies trickling outside in jammies for trampoline fun and a kitchen that cries out for endless hours of baking and creating.

With delight, we reply, with delight we will partake.

And we will twirl.

Happy weekend!

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