"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Delight

Easter weekend got off to a fabulous start.  The rain stopped, the sun came out bringing warm streaks that pushed into the living room windows inviting us for a day, a weekend of being together and dropping buckets of truth into little hearts...He is risen.

We're home, still relishing in our new found nest.  Boxes have been emptied and cabinets tucked away with the things that make us at home.
And the settling in creates the space in my heart to be still and drink in these babies like they're goin' out of style.  Because they are, in fact, the berries.

My Rose, sister requests daily walks and I oblige.  She proudly pedals with preciseness and caution.

Hollering to me over her shoulder and making sure I see just how wonderfully she's doing.  I see you sweet one, I see you.

Boo, girl is always packin'.

Her sweetness warms my heart and her fiery opinion comes without hesitation.  Her love for babies, any baby, is at an all time high and she asks every day when she can expect to see our new little one.  Soon, baby Lynn, soon.

My Bunny.  Oh how this baby blesses my soul.

I am so proud, proud to be her mama, proud of how hard she works, proud the Lord would trust me with her.  Sister had therapy twice this week and she shined.  Her speech is still at an 8 month old's capacity so she'll be evaluated again by a speech pathologist to determine further plans.  Physically, she's growing in her confidence, letting go of mama for a few seconds and we can tell she's thinking about standing on her own.

My girl, she may be quiet but sister knows exactly what she wants and she does it.  I see a drive in her, a force to be reckoned with.
She's a world changer, our Bunny.

Easter weekend was simply delightful.  A mix of play and rest, trickling out and being home.

We made our resurrection garden (Ann Voskamp's blog) again this year, setting off for our local nursery to grab the goods.

I remember my dad taking me to nurseries as a little girl to pick our pretty flowers, bring them home, get our hands dirty in soil to plant and watch them grow.  I found myself smiling, watching my girls skip and hum, browsing soft petals and admiring their surroundings.

One of those surreal moments when you hush the you're-getting-old whispers and reminders that you drive a suburban layered in car seats sprinkled with sippy cups and crushed fishies, and instead embrace the sacred moment.
They're making sweet memories.  And so am I.
The girls love making this garden.  I love watching their minds and hearts work, grasping for concrete concepts to make the truth so clear and simple.  I love how the anticipation builds over the weekend for the moment we'll slip onto the cool, spring grass on Easter morning to see the stone rolled away and an empty tomb.

Sweet memories.  He is risen.

We happily packed up our crew to attend the annual Liddell family Easter egg hunt.

It's always such a treat, complete with hundreds of eggs, the Easter bunny, and time with friends.
I was so excited for our little Bunny, last year she was really sick and didn't really enjoy her time.  This year, different story and my girl loved it.  Chris went with the older girls and I trailed close behind Alice.  The rain held off just long enough for little hands to grab eggs filled with treats.

Sunday, we spent the day in our jammies, whipping up breakfast, dyeing eggs, and making our own story book of Easter.

Our Easter story, complete with stick figures with facial expressions.
We talked and talked, they asked questions, making clarifications.  I loved this morning, I loved everything about it.

Today's family walk was quiet, chilly, and peaceful.  Just us.  Bringing us back home for some rest and pretty purple dresses from my mama.
We commenced our weekend in celebration at church, surrounded by shouts of joy for those choosing Him forever.  Hearing our pastor articulate His love from a place deeply rooted in love and affection.

Tucking in tired babies from a weekend of togetherness and countless hours outside playing until little bodies needed soaking in bubbles and the sun went down.

Easter weekend was sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Happy Easter to all.


  1. Happy Easter to you- It sounded wonderful!

  2. Great pictures of the girls!! They are as beautiful as ever. Love the flower planting with the kiddos:) Hope you're feeling well.