"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just a Week

The week brought fabulousness and some buckets of challenge.

The hubs has been out of town for a bit, one trip for work to Oregon, the other trip for some golf and alligator hunting in Texas for a friend's birthday party.  Yep, alligator hunting.  Normally I play it cool but couldn't help but ask a few questions after he called, on his way out to check the bate lines for the alligators.

Me: Um, so what's your exit strategy if one of those suckers climbs ashore looking for grub?
Chris: We have guns.
Me: Do you know how to shoot a gun, much less shoot an alligator?
Chris: Well no, but 2 of the guys here are doctors.
Me: Mmm, yes...how does that serve you well when those teeth chomp down and drag you to the bottom of the swamp?
Chris: No answer...just a text of a dead alligator in the back of someone's truck.
Nice, real nice.

Back to our week.

We get away with a lot when he's gone.  All things he's not opposed to but are definitely out of the norm.  The green lights sound off for letting mama off the hook for a few things.  We live out of laundry baskets, if it gets clean, it for sure never makes it to drawers.  We all pile into my bed at night to snooze.  Make up isn't a bother.
And I richly dip into the cup of grace He leaves waiting for me because I need it.  

We carry on because the week still holds plenty to do.  Beginning with a Mother's Day tea party at Emma's school.  Along with other mamas, all rising to prepare meals, pack lunches, dress in our best and gather, with cameras in hand, to be in their world.  They sang songs and gave glances back and forth between teachers and beaming mama's faces.  They brought us plates of treats and gifts.
She overwhelms me with grace.  I have made so many messes in her heart this week.  I couldn't have blamed the girl if she drew a fire breathing dragon for her portrait of her mother, but she didn't.  She could have dictated the plenty of failures and mistakes I served up to her this week, but she didn't.
The morning was refreshing, a blessing, and an honor.  My Bear is the berries, tender and full of grace.
On to ballet rehearsals, errands, and birthday parties.  We were blessed to celebrate sweet Annie Margaret.

All who know her are richly blessed at the tender presence of the Lord in her life.  She is a world changer...in piggy tails, of course.

Because all world changers are in super hero capes and pony tails, carrying water guns and pretend babies.  They're in our homes, sleeping under our roofs, emptying our pantries.  We're changing diapers of the warriors who have already begun the journey into His workmanship of setting truth ablaze.
Meanwhile, they're trashing our cars, losing their coats, discovering their bellies and celebrating their own sandcastles.  And in this house, some have stern opinions on attire.  Sister won't take this dress off.  I finally pulled it off and threw it in the laundry.  A protest followed.
Alice is cruising around, walking.  She's practically running.  She carried her little self into my bathroom and grabbed my hair straightener.  Sad sounds and cries from my Bunny and a very sad mama.  You know when they cry and you want to cry with them?  Burns in a few places on her little hand.  Meanwhile, the tough baby tore 4 new molars this week.  Extra cuddles and Motrin were in order.
The rain came in and set the perfect stage for time at home, coloring, movies in mama's bed, and taking care of my Alice.  Not too shabby of a day.

Friday night came around and we celebrated in style.  Pregnant-mama-with-3-babies-style.  I've been eyeing PDub's pantry pasta recipe for awhile now.  One of those recipes that makes me salivate on cue but triggers Chris' gag reflex.  So while he was somewhere running from hunting alligators, we cooked up some deliciousness.  Sodium is my friend these days and between the canned artichokes, garlic, and starchy pasta, it was a party in our mouths.
Come to mama.

The weekend has arrived.
A trip to see a much contended for newborn princess, Naifeh Elizabeth.  Another birthday party for little girls prancing around a gym and one party for mamas and daddies cozied up on an outside patio to celebrate with friends.

He'll be home and good groceries it's just better when he's home.

The week to come, a continued commencement of the year's activities and school.  The girls and I have set the summer schedule, on a slower pace.  It begins in just 2 weeks and we can hardly wait.

Mother's Day plans are all under wraps, he's cooked up something for me and the girls.  
It will be wonderful because we've missed him and I'm just better when he's near me.
It will be wonderful because Mother's Day is the green light for all mamas to just play all day and relish in our treasures, our little world changers.
And it will be wonderful because the hub's arms and legs are in tact and he wasn't grub for the alligators.

Happy Mother's Day to all!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you sweet mama!

  2. I did not have Chris pegged as an alligator hunter, he is braver than I!-- Love what Emma wrote/said about you, so sweet! Hope your Mother's Day was GREAT!