"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer's Eve

The closing out of the year has continued.  All things coming to an end, bringing feelings of sadness and joy at the same time.  Ready for the chosen, slow pace of summer and anticipation of Bella Jane.  Plenty of fun has been had for all.

Last week, a field trip with daddy going fishing for crawdads.

My friend Shar snapped some sweet pics of my girl, pole and bacon in hand, dressed in her requested flowered dress and curled hair.
This could be my favorite.
I flash forward 20 years and see this profile, the view of the back of their heads as she steps into the season of forever, dressed in white, curled hair, clutching her bouquet.  

For now, the banks of a runoff surrounded by grimy kids and dads watching, no doubt deep in conversation about the Thunder.

We continued on making and delivering gifts for teachers, Emma wanted little pots of flowers.  Sister planted them all herself with the help of Sophie.
We're wrapping things up because summer is on the horizon...as in tonight is Summer's Eve.

Giddiness has ensued.

Tomorrow there will be no packed lunches, ballet bags, schedules, or hurrying.  Oh but there will be pancakes.  That's all we know so far.

And I like it.

My mom and brother came into town this weekend for the girls' dance recitals.  It's a blessing to have them.  My kids are bananas about them, absolutely bananas.

We met up to watch our little Big Bird and little Cookie Monster take the stage.

Each loving and relishing in her world in different ways.

Emma, loving the sense of accomplishment, technique, and preciseness.  Sophie, just pure delight, relishing in the moment and being carried away by the experience.  Both leaving a proud mama in the crowd, holding back tears because there is something about seeing your princess on stage.  We were so proud and delighted.  The video camera was glued to Chris' hand and I managed to take 5 pictures the entire day.  Maybe I was carried away with dressing babies, applying make up, fixing hair, and calming butterflies in little bellies.  Maybe it never crossed my mind.

Regardless, the hubs assures me of the bazillion years to come of going to dance recitals and that I'll take more pictures next time.

He's probably right.

It also dawned on me I didn't really take pics on Mother's Day either.  Being present in the moment, so serene and peaceful?  Nope.  I kind of felt more like a pig with it's head in the trough inhaling some grub.  Ah yes, that's me.  My hubs spoiled me and my babies blessed me.

And next year I will take more pictures.

Summer is here, thus bringing horizon summer fun to be enjoyed.

Right now, we're enjoying...

Sister Lovin'
There is a sweet affection that brews in my girls for their baby sister.  Especially in the car, they argue over who sits next to Alice and then I catch them leaning over to her, hugging and kissing her just because.

Mama loves this.  And so does Sister.

Friends coming to town for business meetings but leaving mamas sipping on coffee while littles curl up for Mary Poppins and playing at the park.

Backyard Giggles
Our backyard is their world.  I love slipping into it for a moment, listening to conversation, maybe breaking up a few fights, and posing as a waitress of endless juice and snacks.

Rainy Days
Secretly, I hope for these days when the clouds come rumbling in bringing showers and thunder, canceling plans and making us come inside.
And at the moment's end of the rain, they trickle out playing house, climbing trees and making sand castles.

Last day of school
Today we all loaded up and went to Emma's last day of school beach party.  A broad adventure for Alice to roam and a continued teasing sample for Sophie of her fall joys to come.

Emma strikes a pose on cue these days.  You know, because why not?

More head in the trough moments for all.

A new pace
Our summer is already going to be the berries.  Not just because a new princess is coming and we can hardly stand it.

But because we have scrapped the calendar.  A few swim lessons mixed with a few visits with family.  We made our bucket list for sunny days and rain, and we're excited to use it.
We're about as excited as Sophie's daily waiting and anticipation of the still adored, brown dress.  My girl stood at the dryer today waiting.  Just waiting.

We are waiting for tomorrow.

Tomorrow brings more things to enjoy.
 More things to relish in.
 Tomorrow is summer and we're ready.
Happy Summer's Eve to all!


  1. Your girls are beautiful, and Sophie waiting for her dress is just about the cutest thing ever.....I do so love hearing about your sweet family.

  2. Oh my sweet Sophie Doke! Love me some Doke girls!

  3. Love the new babe's name! You look great, Meg! Happy Summer!! :)

  4. Great pics! You look great and the girls are as adorable as ever:) Love me some sisterly lovin'!!