"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Wishes

The weekend served it up.  He was home and we love it when he's home.  He brings a pace with him and his loud, joyful voice shifts the atmosphere of this house of pink.  It's just better when he's near.  
A celebration of his wonderfulness on the horizon.   Babies cruising around smelling like sunshine, giggling, and dragging snacks and lovies close behind.
And the catalyst propelling us into a weekend full of family and time together, another trip to the zoo.
My friends Jen, Liza, and Shannon brought their babies for a fun day at the zoo.  These lovely ladies were tokened treasures of answered prayer when I first moved to Norman, not knowing anyone.  Today, the treasure is even more sacred as our friendships have molded and changed into mamas on this journey of motherhood and relationship, surrounded by many gifts of little ones.  
I knew we were in for a great weekend with a start like this.
Our Bella will be here soon.
I woke up one day and intensely craved for her room to be ready and completed.  My mama was a blessing to us.  She loaned us all of her nursery furniture from her house, helping to prepare Bella's nursery and making it ready for her arrival.
We are beyond grateful.
One night last week, the hubs Thundered Up, which means pacing in the living room and hollering player's names while I made some popcorn and went to work.
Welcome little one, we love you already.

The girls trickle in here every day just staring and waiting.  In their minds the room makes her more real and even more excitement brews.

Soon baby girls, soon.
After some nesting and preparing, we headed to Texas to see Chris' family.  We only get to see them a few times a year so these visits feel like a roller coaster on steroids.  We go hard, play hard, and babies catch sleep when they can.

Alice, Sophie, and a few cousins wasted no time and poured out of the house early for some playing in their jammies while others slept in after staying up into the early morning hours on palettes watching movies and painting nails.

We ran errands, went through tons of popsicles, and swam in the pool way past the pruning toes phase.

Plenty of time to catch moments of pure delight and lovin'.
I love watching him love on these baby girls.  Skip the jewelry, fancy dinners, and bouquets of roses.
Just give me this man kissing these babies until they giggle so hard no sound comes out, and my heart swoons.  Melts.
I mean she is after all completely edible and scrumptious.

We made sure we spent enough time making enough memories to last us until the winter when we'll meet up again.  We left with sad hearts but excited for the visit to come when we welcome another cousin into the fold.
We headed home for our own memories awaiting us.

Father's Day.
Around these parts, Father's Day is the hub's day to choose everything.  We let him sleep in, choose the meal locations, and release him from all duties of wiping faces and bottoms.

It's a merry day indeed.
A Father's Day wish...yellow cake with chocolate icing.  I had plenty of little hands ready to make that wish come true, including Bunny.  That little body squirmed with delight on the counter, mixing and shrieking.  And maybe she shoved her hands in the batter a few times.

Next stop, a trip to the pool to accommodate more of daddy's wishes.

We swam and operated in our zone defense of our 3 little fish each jumping, diving for toys at the bottom of the pool, and pleading for push pops.
More wishes granted.
I love Father's Day.  I love this wonderful husband who has immersed himself into fatherhood, loving these girls so well with pursuit and tenderness.
I love how the Father richly fulfills His promise as a Father to the fatherless.
How He sees the little girl in me, missing her own daddy.
I know he would see her husband and know his little girl is well taken care of beyond his own wishes.
I know he would receive Hallmark cards and framed pictures of his little girl holding her little girls.
My heart bursts with gratitude how He continues to meet the little girl in me, in this place, and overwhelm my heart with comfort and joy.

I love this day.  I loved everything about it.
In love with this gift of marriage from the Lord for the daddy in this house of pink.

We love you.  Oh how we love you more than you'll ever know.