"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Bloom

Last night my Sophie had a bad dream.  This happens occasionally, she whimpers as she comes downstairs into our room.  Prayers, consoling, hugs, and she makes her way back to her bed.  Last night however, the normal routine wasn't suffice.  Mamas know when their babies need more.  More of what, that's for her to decide.  Sometimes those babies just need more.
So I went upstairs after her, I'm sure at this point in the night, waddling and stumbling to find my balance.  We lay there in the dark staring at each other.  Her eyes still scared, warm tears on her cheeks.  My eyes tired, hoping she would fall back asleep soon as my little one in my belly cruised around having her own little party.  After almost an hour and shifting around on sand dusted sheets, we both fell asleep.
It got me thinking about this sweet one making her way to us, growing with bigger movements every day.
Excitement is brewing in this house.  A fabric of sisterhood in the making, one more princess to come and the welcoming party is more than ready.

Add it to the list of joys on a summer day.  My nesting is at a full time high, preparing her nursery, washing baby linens, and watching these girls process and ask about how tiny she'll be, can they hold her, can they kiss her.  All answers yes and I share in their anticipation of joys to come.

Speaking of joy, our simple summer is in full bloom.  Mind you there are plenty of moments of bickering and arguing over toys, sticks, and bugs.  But in between those times of learning and mediation are the simplest memories being made.  

In summer bloom, we are enjoying...

Backyard Adventure
My girls spend hours outside turning over every rock and stone in search for bugs.  We've established the rule of not grabbing bugs if they have more than 6 legs, it works 70% of the time in addition to keeping them outside and not in a pile of mud of my kitchen counter while I'm making dinner, spreading mud everywhere and scampering about.
 And this one, she craves her independence at all costs.  Up and down the slide, ladders, in the mud, eating sand.  The basics of outdoor play making for one happy baby.

Summer Desserts
My friend Kerri introduced me to Pudding Pie, seriously the easiest and most delicious dessert on a hot summer's day.  Frozen pie crust filled with instant pudding.  We spice it up a bit with homemade whipped cream, Oreos, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.
While we're on the topic of chocolate chips, we whipped up a little batch of mini cookies and then smooshed in some of Betty's peanut butter cream.  Stick 'em in the fridge for a bit before serving and enjoy.

Rainy Day Plans
We love being outside so a few days in a row of rain calls for some planning, creativity, and movies with friends.  Mary Poppins, some popcorn, and sweet friends made for the perfect dreary afternoon.

And tent making.

And a trip to a pottery studio to paint.

This Baby
Just in the last few weeks, sister's personality has taken off, in full bloom of preferences, loves, dislikes, and little quirks.  My girl wakes up sweet, usually signing she wants to eat.  She stretches on the changing table, asks for her daddy, and holds on extra tight as we make our way to the breakfast table.

For now she is the baby, just for a few more months.  She is tough as can be, constantly amazing us when she dusts off bloody, skinned knees.  Eating like a line backer, jumping into pools, and saying hello to every stranger we meet in the grocery store.
She is altogether, the berries.
Campus Picnics
Good groceries do these girls love them a good picnic.  Campus is one of our favorite spots.

There are no playgrounds but instead paths to run on and play, fountains for little toes, and beautiful gardens with flowers these little hearts so love.

Zoo Trips
We love the Zoo.  I mean I think my kids would live there if I would let them.  We met a group of mamas there a few days ago and my friend Kristen snapped some sweet pics on her phone of my babies.
Just delightful and fun.  It's hot, really hot, and babies get cranky, and it takes an hour just to pack and prepare us for such a trip.  But after a bazillion snacks, eaves dropping on their little lunch time conversations, and first discoveries of drumsticks, we're happy campers.

We love the zoo, so much so we're going again tomorrow.  Maybe we'll make it to most of the animals and maybe we'll just camp out at the children's zoo creek.

The weekend holds more nesting cravings fulfilled in preparing a nursery, a trip to Texas to see family and one of our favorite holidays, Father's Day.  Summer is in full bloom and we like it.

We like it a lot.


  1. You were made to raise little girls to bring Glory to Him! Love how full of vision you are for the task at hand - #4 is sure to be the perfect addition!

  2. Looks like your summer is starting off with a bang:) Hopefully we'll see you at the pool soon! I had to do a double take at the pics of Alice in sunglasses... looked like Sophie with brown hair;)Precious girls!

  3. 1) love your nursery!!! 2) love the matching swim suits 3) love your heart for chris 4) love the last pic- so so so cute! love your heart so much girl. cant wait for #4 to get here...