"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We're 2 weeks out from delivery.  She will be here soon, so very soon.

Our little nugget is in the final stages of finishing touches before she graces us with her presence.  I can hardly wait to have her in my arms, smelling her scent, kissing her soft newborn skin, staring at her face.  The count down is underway and we are ready for her to come.  Sweet strangers offer their sympathies to be so pregnant in the summer and all I can do is rejoice.  We didn't know she was coming to us and yet one cold, December day she surprised us all.  Then one spring day in March, we came to know she would be joining our castle.

We are grateful.

Meanwhile, as anyone in the midwest knows, it's quite toasty outside.  I hush the weathermen on t.v. when they excitedly say phrases like "heat dome", "heat wave", "no chance of rain any time soon."  It is in fact hot which means we're winding down the season with shorter trips to the pool and lowering of standards of pretty much everything around the house, such as I've given up cooking dinner.  Lots of sandwiches and cereal for dinner.  The hubs' grace for me is astounding although he frequently caves in and orders pizza.  Few and far between, I do a little bit of baking and recently on the menu, gluten free treats.

Gluten Free Bars
Some sweet friends, the Rice's, came over for a chat giving me an excuse to try a gluten free recipe for their bellies.  Betty's recipe is the berries.

And maybe the second thing I've cooked in weeks, Cinnamon Applesauce Pancakes, now officially on the regular weekend breakfast line up.
These tasty morsels were a major attempt to keep my word with Emma, promising her pancakes only to realize we were out of eggs and since my standards have lowered, a trip to the store was not happening.
I substituted 1 egg for applesauce and it worked.  Oh how it gloriously worked.

Cinnamon Applesauce Pancakes
1 c. cake flour (or any flour will do)
1 c. buttermilk 
1/4 heaping cup of applesauce
1 teas. baking powder
1/4 teas. baking soda
pinch of salt
2 tbl. cinnamon
pinch nutmeg
1.  whisk wet ingredients
2.  in separate bowl whisk dry ingredients, add to wet ingredients
3.  wipe down your griddle with butter and get to cookin'

Your kitchen will smell heavenly with a belly full of fluffiness on a hot summer's day.

And onward to the conclusion of summer has brought an ebb and flow of scheduled fun, with church day camp, celebrating birthdays and first time performances on stage with the ease of slow moving mornings of jammied babied bodies slipping away from home to swim with friends.

With sweet Lainey Beth as Cinderella with friends.
And celebratory mani pedis because our Bunny has been released from Sooner Start for now, once in the black and grey in developmental charts, now our girl is blazing her own trail making up time and skills.  
That means overjoyed lime green toes for all.

Date night for Will's birthday, dinner with friends.  Joy.
Our ebb and flow also including many more afternoon naps under cold sheets, some days with snuggled babies...mama included.

And then the joy of waking up and just staring at her sweet little face, much like I did 5 years ago.  Much like I will do in a few weeks with our princess.

Overall, summer continues on it's delivery, bringing us sweet reminders of the blessings of family and friends.

With Laura, a family favorite

At Lindsey's house for an afternoon dip in the pool.

I'm lacking in words but rich in knowing this season of joy and goodness for the taking. 
Knowing summer won't always look like this and remembering that even just around the corner awaits a pace that will vastly differ from where we are today.
For now, drinking in summer together deeply rooted in gratitude for the gift of children from Him and very soon watching Him write a new chapter in this family's book.

Soon.  She will be here soon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Phone Dump First

As of late, our summer pace has slowed just a bit.  The normal ebb and flow of being home and being on the go has the pendulum swinging more towards the home front.  My Bella stirred things up a bit near the end of the week, bringing some contractions 10 minutes apart.  Orders were given to get off my feet and take it easy, a little hard to accomplish with 3 babies but I'm a rules follower, so we did just that for a few days.  
It amazes me how they roll with it and don't scale the walls like I think they will and minus some extra bickering among little ladies, it's relatively peaceful.

My friend Kerri dropped off some movies, doctor's orders you know, and a suggested new recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  Who knew 2 teaspoons of cornstarch could reveal such a fabulous cookie I didn't think could possibly be improved.  
A pleasant surprise.
These cookies are amazing, I lost track of how much dough I consumed.
A tasty treat to nibble on as the weekend approached.

Being told to take it easy by my doctor and nurse, the hubs was left alone to complete the task of cleaning out the garage and completing the final touches of unpacking and sorting through boxes.
I played with babies while my hunk-a-burning-man worked for hours.  I love this man.  I love it when he kicks into gear this ultra organized crazed side of him wanting order and not stopping until the job is done just right.

We played and watched him work, trickling inside for relief from the heat, maybe a few cookies, and a tiny project of our own.
A count down for our girl.
As summer continues to come to a close, we are loving us some time together and sweet time with friends.  I discovered the hipstamatic app thanks to my brother Rod and happily used it to capture these little ones relishing in summer, each in her own way.  

Happy to use the phrase, a phone dump...

Spontaneous date night with daddy.
Swimming with friends.
A few errands around town with sun kissed littles.

Lots of time around home, letting mama take it easy.

 A night of swimming and an outdoor movie at Lolli and Champ's.

 More time at home.

 Church picnic.
Backyard swimming and BBQ's with friends.

And last night we tucked in babies way past bed time.  Little bodies smelling of sunscreen and bug spray with lips sticky from snow cones and treats.  Drifting off to sleep smiling at the memories made while beginning the lists of to-do's that have piled up and must be done amidst the choices all weekend to ignore and instead play.
Summer's stamp of groggy, slow moving mornings has made its appearance once again.  Little girls tip toeing downstairs waking up tired mamas and daddies.  Little puffy eyes and scratchy voices ask for breakfast and cuddles.  
Today will be low key catching up on piles of laundry, grocery lists, and other things waiting to be crossed off the list.  Somewhere inside I secretly like these days as much as the fun ones.  They carry their own sense of sweetness and fun.
Whether your to do list is work or play, happy Monday!