"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Summer Farewell

Summer is officially over.  We have bid this toasty season farewell.

Tonight I listen to the rain gently trickle against my window.  Cooler temperatures have been promised.  Fall approaches, without a doubt my favorite season.  School supplies sit unopened and ready to be used, kitchen creations take a step into more richness and heavenly scents of apple cider and pumpkin will soon fill the house.

Football will provide the perfect sounds to fill this house of pink, Barbies will be lined up for kickoff, and we'll slip on jackets to run out and play on crispy fallen leaves and cool grass.

 Fall is coming.

Yet my heart is still full from summer.  We loved our summer, we drank in deep.  
And babies endlessly bickered, pregnancy crankiness was present, and at times we craved our space from each other.  But trumping all messes were the every day blessings.  My sun kissed babies swam for hours every day, boxes of popsicles were eaten, plenty of family walks.  Time with family and friends.  Preparations for our Belle.
 Summer delivered and our applause is still continuing for its performance.

This past week we celebrated summer's commencement with later nights, outdoor movies with friends, sleeping in just a bit, and pancakes, just because.  We headed to school for parent meetings and first introductions of little ones meeting their teachers.  
Fall is coming and we are happily stepping onto its stage, relishing in and gratefully enjoying...

Donut Dates with Mama
My girls know a good thing when they see it.  Donuts.  A fabulous way to start the official last day of summer.  

Exploring classrooms and meeting teachers
Boo will be in preschool and my Bear a kindergartener.  How did this happen?  Monday my babies will set off on adventures.
And I will smile and cry like a baby.

The past few weeks we are overwhelmed with the blessings from our family and friends.  My mom has visited, meals have come each week, and friends have stopped by with gifts and for time with my girls.  
One day, Alicia grabbed my older girls and they went all over town searching for treasure.  Love this.  Love it that my girls were loved on so well by Alicia and love it that I scooped up my younger 2 littles and headed to the park.

Nest and Errands
Errands have become an all out executed mission these days.  To time the feedings, give space for diaper blow outs, potty breaks, and a few melt downs.  Ballet slippers need to be bought, groceries grabbed, and then making our way home to the nest.  

Always learning and taking note of our limits and victories.  Knowing when to choose productivity and when to rest.

Speaking of the nest, it's a full one these days.  You can find princess attire, naked Barbies, and/or a kiddo at your feet at every turn.
It's delightful.

I know the pace will shift in just a few days.  Soon our mornings will become structured and scheduled, the days will become games of Tetris to fit everything in.  And I do love me some Tetris.

And in carpool lines, library times, field trips, and dance lobbies as I wait, dress littles, nurse my Belle, and think ahead of what's for dinner, I will let my mind slip back into the summer memories He wrote in our hearts.

And I will smile.
Toasty sun, brown shouldered babies, sticky snow cone hands, back yard dinners, and ruffled babied bodies...see you next summer.

A summer farewell.

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