"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Friday, August 31, 2012

A Week in Pictures

We are week 3 into this new chapter.
Plenty of newness with much adjustment and grace.  
The beauty of finding myself in irritation only to hear His whisper, gentle reminders to surrender performance and perfection to instead drink deeply of His grace and mercy.
Expectations on my children or for the hubs are in the same boat.  Choosing grace and mercy to be the reflection in my response.

It's good.
There is something about the lack of sleep, the fullness of each hour of the day, and the moonlight feedings with my girl when the house sleeps, all is quiet, and I think.

The reality that it's not all self reflecting and rainbows, it's more like episodes of So You Think You Can Dance and CSI to keep me awake.
Sometimes I wear the hub's deodorant because something about 4 kids is making me sweat.
Sometimes I remember eye liner and forget deodorant altogether.
Sometimes I call my kids by their wrong names.
Sometimes I yell.
Sometimes my sleep deprived, spread thin hubby calls me "bro" when he's talking to me.

I can deal.

I love it all.  Love the beauty and the mess altogether.
I love our week.  I love all of the firsts taking place and the joy to grab ahold of each memory and savor the moment.

The girls started school.  Ballet and tap began.  Bear is almost an accomplished bike rider without training wheels.  The grass suits her cautious heart much better.

We've had a fabulous week and as always, giddiness brews in this house today because he's coming home today for the weekend.  Family Night awaits us.  A weekend of PW's baked French Toast is on the menu, horseback riding, and a few last minute trips to the pool.

For now, our week in pictures...

First day of kindergarten was a success.  Sister jumped out of the car and stood on the porch of the school house and waved to me.  The kind of wave I know I will see again.  The wave that says "I'm fine mom, really.  Please don't cry.  You can leave now, I really am fine."

I love this one to bits.

Apples for teachers.

Boo amazed me.  First time to school and my girl was fearless and ready.  Her little body hopped out of the car.  She's played this moment in her head a thousand times.  She's waited for the day to hop out of the car, wave to mama, and holler over her shoulder how she loves me and how she will see me later.  Well done big girl, well done.

And the Bunny, oh this one just keeps me on my toes.  She's healthy and on track which means she's officially almost 2 years old, into everything, and doubles as a secret ninja usually leaving her destructive trade mark of a slimy pacifier or sippy of milk.

Cue happiness.  Ballet and tap have begun.

Ballet buns.

Ella Rose, Millie Jean, Emma Rose

My lil' laundry helper.

Belle sleeps 99% of the time.  I have yet to grab a pic of her with her eyes open.

I can't describe the emotion of this week.  In one moment watching her soar and step out onto her own, my heart is flooded with memories.
I remember my mama tucking me in at night, scratching my back for as long as I wanted.  I remember how I smelled of her perfume once she left my room each night.  I remember excited opening my lunch at school to see her notes of love and affection for me.
I remember my daddy teaching me to ride a bike without training wheels.  I remember his tan, strong surgeon hands guiding me as I learned.  Shaking his head in assurance when I fell, telling me I was fine and to try again.  Sometimes he would kick the bike and yell at it for hurting me.
And as I catalogue memories in my heart of my own childhood, a new canvas masterpiece is being written before my eyes.  
I watch these sisters grow in love for each other.  His continual thread of sisterhood being woven.  They celebrate together.  They cry and laugh together.  They are learning relationship together.

The week has been full and we are thankful.

A week in pictures warms my heart.
Happy weekend!


  1. Oh, the beauty of sisterhood! Got to the end and the sight of those four precious little ones had me all choked up!

  2. Oh good gravy your posts always get me. Tear :)

  3. love them all!! such sweet little lives God has blessed yall with!

  4. Love your pics and words as always- so honest and beautiful. I made the baked french toast last weekend LOL!! Loved it! Made me ready for warm winter mornings ;-)

  5. Love this! Sweet little girls loving on each other. We call Eliza the silent Ninja... makes me wonder what those two planned when they were together;) The pictures at the end, PRICELESS!

  6. how sweet are those photos! love the ones of the 4 of them snuggling on the couch :)