"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day & Ramblings

I began today with plunging the toilet.  I never got to the bottom of which kid more than likely shoved down a large, undisclosed amount of toilet paper followed by multiple attempts to then flush the clogged potty.  All I know is they intelligently scurry away and become silent, unable to provide any clarity to the mishap.  No worries though.  I can bite my tongue, sip my coffee and plunge the toilet because that's what mamas do.  
But before that lovely moment, I was thinking about last week, our Labor Day weekend, looking over pictures and chatting with the kiddos about our fun.  
It was fabulous, just fabulous.
The week's commencement and into Labor Day's long weekend were altogether the berries.
We promised Boo we'd go horseback riding a few months ago and somewhere between it being a bazillion degrees, being really pregnant, moving, and having a baby, it moved to the bottom of the list.
This weekend, it was top priority.

Sophie's love for horses began when she was 2 years old at Trail West.  They put her on a pony and although she was happy, she knew it was a pony and not a horse.  And sister knows the difference and has quite an opinion about stuff like that.
So after some clarification, she was elated to know it was in fact, a horse, lead around by her prince.  Perfection indeed.

Alice only stood on the side lines for so long until her little whimpers and hollers talked Emma into a little time in the saddle.

Bella Jane assumed her normal pose and demeanor.  
On the home front, I've been eyeing a recipe for a few weeks.  Sophie Lynn was equally excited to help and eat.
PW's baked french toast, a tasty kick off for a weekend of fun.

Fun being swimming with Hartsock's, Benton's and Tedesco's.  The last pool trip of the summer for this house.

Somehow Sister knew this was the last trip to the pool and she exhausted the diving board and slide.  Katelin happily followed muffled commands and pleas to catch her over and over and over.
Onto a house church barbeque complete with some soccer, grown up chatting with Laurel and Laura, and mani pedi's courtesy of Liz.

And the long weekend wouldn't be complete without a family nap.  For one last time, sun kissed brown shouldered babies all tucked into their beds, blinds closed, ceiling fans on, drifting off to sleep.  Because babies and mamas and daddies needed rest for some more play.
We had friends to meet up with, pizza to eat, and mud to play in.  And Alice needed a turn on the dirt bike, of course.

Steve with Emma
Sweet Angie
And so far this week, the mushing days together have looked like this.
Emma is off the grass and on the pavement.  An accomplished bike rider, she'll tell you all about it if you want to know.

Raspberry Brioche Bread from the Wilkens...just beacuse.

 My sweet mama came to visit and as always the house erupts with joy.

We're falling in love with our Bella more each day.
We're enjoying tasty treats left on our porch to celebrate she is here.
We're happy in groceries stores and throwing fits altogether.  Saying we're sorry and learning to pick up the pieces in this gift of family and press onward.
I loved our weekend and the week, all jumbled together in my mind.  I love settling into the new us and learning just exactly what that looks like, what the Lord wants it to look like.  
Because however He stitches this tapestry of family together, I am certain there will be toilet plunging, horseback riding, and french toast.

And I'm okay with that.


  1. sweet insights... love you.

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