"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall is Here

The last of summer's clothes are in heaping piles on my dresser awaiting tubs, sundresses and shorts are washed and folded, to be tucked away and crammed in the closet they completely consume.  I'll grab the tub of gloves and hats for this weekend.  The weatherman says cold and wet.  Mama says, hot cocoa and mittens.

Fall is here.
The script of You've Got Mail runs through my head.  I need a New York street to skip through, holding my carmel machiatto, humming Cranberries' lyrics and slipping into my quaint, charming book store.

And while there are no parallels from this movie and my world, I find myself thankful for our own fall treasures.  Enjoying our very own, bouquets of sharpened pencils.


Doorstep Gifts
Considering I was a kindergarten teacher, I greatly lack in the area of craftiness.  Outside of believing a hot glue gun is the answer to every project problem, Hobby Lobby and Pinterest overwhelm me.  After much praise for her beautiful work on her own wreath, my friend Amanda so generously dropped off a homemade wreath for me.  Just because.

She blesses me and so many.
Sisterhood Love
I was blessed with 2 older brothers so I don't know how it feels to have sisters.  
These girls know rummaging through mama's closet for her high heels because the plastic Target slippers aren't good enough to complete a princess' outfit.
They know giggling under bunk beds over silly pretend languages and staying up late, fake sleeping when they hear our footsteps coming to tell them to go to sleep.  For the 8th time.
They know sharing bows and helping each other pick out school clothes.
They're well rounded in arguing, bickering, and pushing each other's buttons, because what are sisters for?
They cheer each other on, they copy one another's ideas, they sit in the same chair because closeness triumphs over comfort.

I love watching this continual dance the Father writes as they learn and grow in relationship, forgiveness, and grace.
I love knowing the blessing in raising these girls and knowing they are destined for His greatness.

Because all little girls are.

I love her, I love everything about her.  She's strong and determined, she's tender and affectionate.
She is altogether, the berries.  And so are those sisters.

Pumpkin Recipes
I love me some pumpkin.  I could eat it out of the can.  We opted for some pumpkin pancakes this past weekend.  I was whipping up breakfast and in between nursing a baby and corralling 3 other kiddos, I lost track of the recipe and/or additions made to the batter.
All I know is I dumped in some brown sugar, a crazy amount of cinnamon, and half a can of pumpkin.  To top it off, some melted butter sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.  And syrup.
Mmm hmm, yes please.

Moving on to more pumpkin goodness, I tried a simple recipe but decided it needed tweaking.  I creamed the butter and sugar for 4 minutes and then once all of the ingredients were combined, I whipped the dough at medium speed for awhile which yielded fluffy cookies.
I recommend it.

Wait, I'm not enjoying this but I will say it's the biggest change and adjustment to have four kids.  It's endless and somehow it waits for me to resent it and become overwhelmed or place any ounce of peace in its completion.
Instead, I've turned into one on one time with my Bella Jane.
It's working well.
I fold clothes and stare at this miracle of life in our midst.  She distracts me.

I can deal.
Fall Evenings
It's consensus in this family that although we love to go and do, we love retreating to the nest, especially for some outside play.  Nothing fancy, just some chalk, soccer balls, and bicycles.

And preferably, a commencement to the day of the hubs coming home.  

This is my favorite part of the day.

They squeal and they all talk at once.  They want hugs and kisses, they play hard to get.
Pleas to play soccer, pick her up, and snap shots into their days.

Fall is here.
Other than the crisp fall colors cascading over the neighborhood, the cooler weather, and holidays on the horizon, nothing much changes around here.  
We'll still throw dinners in crock pots, take ballerinas to class, and change diapers.
We'll still see the good in each other and extend grace, drawing the gold to the surface we know is present in our hearts.  
We'll still channel these fiery sisters because I have to believe even Esther must have been a handful as a little girl, otherwise how would she have had the boldness to approach a king to declare the truth?  

We will embrace the change of the season, the change in our family, and the continual process of family love we been given.
We will discover more pumpkin recipes, bundle up for family walks, and wait for him to come home.
I laughed to myself today as I arranged my day and cancelled commitments because my girls have Halloween parties at school.  
Good groceries I'm that mom.  

And I'm totally good with it.

Happy Fall!

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