"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Weekend to be Treasured

Memorial Day weekend.  It was just simply wonderful.
I wanted time to stand still because every minute was worth savoring and savor we did.
A baseball game, new recipes, naps with babies, time with friends, a trip to the pool.  
A weekend to be treasured.  

A trip to the city for a baseball game.  The last time we were here, Chris and I had just met and were on a date.

This time around, the hubs was accompanied by 3 little ladies and a pregnant mama.  8 years later, much has changed.
I like it.
A trip to our Secret Place with our sweet friends the Ho's.  Mulberries brought butterflies and little hands were grateful.

And if that wasn't enough, we have the fabulous return of the pig tails.
Alice Elizabeth, included in this batch.  She's so adorable I can hardly stand it.
She looks like Sophie.  She looks like a little girl.
She could probably ask Chris for a Mercedes and he would say yes.
Continued tinkering with Double Chocolate Chip cookies.  We have officially perfected it to our liking.  Sophie added the chocolate chips so who knows how much we actually added.  We swapped 1/2 stick of butter for some peanut butter and even threw in some peanuts.
Because any fabulous weekend must include cookies and I'm convinced peanut butter and chocolate are the perfect combination.

Our first trip to the pool at sweet Judi's house.  Always a favorite and fun time for all.

This summer, Bunny was more slow to get in.  She carefully surveyed her options and eventually got in with mama.

And this precious one, Naifeh Elizabeth, she came too.  Pure delight, this baby just melts our hearts.

Dinner with friends, lazy morning breakfasts with the discovery of PW's berry butter, and a weekend commenced with a house full of friends and babies.

The curtain has closed on this long weekend of joy and rest, leaving us refreshed for the week and excited for the weekend to come.
Bunny agrees.
 Happy week to all!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Simple Summer, an Appetizer

Our summer has begun.

Little chefs flipping pancakes, jammied babied bodies play well past the jammie-wearing time of day, and the coming and going from outside, digging up worms and just being.

We're liking the nothingness being served up.

And it's just plain dreamy.
Dinner outside that's eaten in shifts because the fun that awaits is just too tempting.

Simple summer.  Yes, please.

I'm into my 3rd trimester now, going to my lovely OB every 2 weeks.  My OB is the berries, for real.  She's laid back, loves my kids when they invade her office, and she's inside my head.  Putting fears to rest and giving me orders when needed.  My kids think she's a celebrity and I must agree.  At this point I see her more than some of my friends.

Photo courtesy of Emma Doke.
In other news, I am feeling less Fred Flinstone...

The hubs bought me an iPhone.  I've had this crazy cheap cell phone plan for years, so cheap we just couldn't let go of it.  This year though, I wanted to smash it into tiny pieces and drop kick it as far as possible.  Like when the ballet teacher kicked open the door for an impromptu parent watch and every mama there whipped out her iPhone to record her tiny dancer twirling away and I sat there, happy to watch, but knew I was missing this moment.  Stuff like that, nothing ground breaking by any means but adding it all up, it was time to bite the bullet.  Cave in and go for an upgrade.  Chris keeps laughing at me.

Me: You mean you can press a button and your emails pop up?
Chris: (trying not to laugh or look at me like I'm an idiot) Um, yeah.
Me: You mean I can send one big text without breaking it up into 3 parts?
Chris: Yep.

It's glorious.

Moving onto way more important news, my Alice has some goodness to share.  Dr. Bob, her physical therapist in OKC, has released her completely from therapy.  He shared how she has progressed so well, how she no longer needs orthotics on her feet, and although she has delays, she's on her own road.  Moving forward but at her own pace.

I did my best not to cry on the spot and do cartwheels out of the office.

I cried calling Chris but opted out of the cartwheels and went for cheeseburgers on the way to the park instead.
The Father is so good.  My mama's heart is truly in awe of His faithfulness, His steadfast nearness to my girl.  He is her blazing torch as she continues on her road, lighting her path and whispering truth of His mighty plans for her life.  We are grateful.

We celebrated with a family walk to the Secret Place, a little park tucked away behind a few houses, a bridge lined with bamboo and a tree swing.  It's the berries.

Plenty of space and time to listen to little ones and shower them with kisses.

The best thing is, we're just getting started.

Sun kissed babies, popsicles, slip n slides, playing outside until the sun goes down.  Pancake breakfasts with friends just because.

The appetizer of a simple summer has been served, the monstrous entree is on the way.  And at a summer feast, dessert is served around the clock.
This week, Alicia happily baked away in the kitchen, Boom Boom Pow cupcakes.

It's a party in your mouth.  Vanilla cupcakes, chocolate buttercream icing, with caramel and sea salt in the middle.  I almost ate the whole platter.  I need to swipe the recipe from Alicia because this is soon to be a Doke family favorite.

Tonight is Family Night, which means a family walk, pizza, extra bubbles in the tub, popcorn and a movie.  Much is to be celebrated this weekend, chips and queso will be involved.  The hubs is off work Monday.

The weekend is here.  Order up.

Happy weekend!

In the morning, Lord, I lay my requests before You
And my heart waits in expectation.
Psalms 5:3