"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Late Night Thinking

I like to write at night.
There's a sweet, sappy place that releases in my heart once babies are down.  Smiling thinking about the day, laughing at the mishaps, needing forgiveness for the failures.

It's not usually the most polished thinking but more of a mess, a good mess.  A mixture of the aftertaste from the day but the sights on the horizon of what's promised to come.
His mercies are new every morning, His bread prepared daily for the taking.  All who come to the well to drink deeply will be satisfied.
It's beautiful.  This thing of grace and forgiveness, of joy and nearness.

Bringing about much to enjoy...

Hand made gifts
Sweet Alicia kept the girls one night and I came home to this beautiful creation.  I love it.  I glance over at it 20 times a day.  I can tell who painted each rock.
My Bunny
This girl is full throttle these days.  I mean she pushes the limit in all areas, at all times, and in all ways.  Consequence is clearly thought through on her part and she weighs it in her mind before carrying out her mischievous schemes.

My Boo
Sister is stepping into her big sister shoes.  She's articulating more specifically how she feels, what she needs.  She brings intensity, fire, independence, sweetness, affection.
A sweet onion with many layers.
My Bear
My girl amazes me every day.  She's getting bigger and older.  She asks me about my day, how I'm feeling, what I need.  She wants to help.

Our Belle
And my sweet Bella Jane, my heart just bursts for this little one.  She's peaceful and wonderful.
Sister went in the swing for the first time this past week and she giggled the whole time.

Be still my heart.
New Recipes
Friday nights are family night at our house.  We try not to schedule or attend anything, we plan a night at home with our girls.  Pizza, homemade dessert, games, and movies.
I altered a recipe for pizza dough that we're loving right now.
 Doke's Cheese and Herb Pizza
Dough: 2 c. flour
1 packet dry active yeast
1/4 tsp. salt
pinch garlic salt
1 tbl. sugar
2/3 c. warm water
Topping: a few handfuls of mozzarella cheese
1/4 c. parmesan cheese
a few shakes of each basil, parsley, or Italian seasoning
1 tbl. melted butter 
garlic salt
- in standing mixer mix with paddle attachment, mix 1 c. of flour with the other ingredients for the dough
- gradually add in remaining flour until a ball forms and dough it cohesive
- turn dough out lightly floured surface and covered with a dish towel for 10 minutes
- roll out and place on greased round pizza pan
- pre-bake for 5 minutes @ 375 degrees
- pull out and top with ingredients and brush crust with melted butter and sprinkle garlic salt
- bake 10 minutes or until cheese is melted
Overnight Blueberry French Toast, um we've eaten this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This recipe was easy peasy too.  
The past few weeks we've added more to the plate and taken some things off.  We've made some decisions and let others go.  Played hard, worked hard, caught a few stomach bugs, drove kids to ballet and birthday parties.

Alex, Ella, and Sophie...rockin' out
Celebrating the sweet Annie

Late at night, I love the places my heart goes to.  I feel like in a way, my brain and heart categorize and prioritize on a different level than in the mix of the events of the day.

My late night thinking needs to shift into places and pockets of my day.
"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning...
great is Your faithfulness."
Lamentations 3:22-23

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