"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

"For You O Lord are a shield about me, You are the glory and lifter of my head. Psalm 3:3

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Parades of Gratitude

A few days ago marked one of the last pleasant days of fall.  Those of us folks living in the midwest understand there's a brief window of seasons, especially fall.  For about 2 weeks the air is crisp and the leaves are changing and right about the time I want to start making cider and playing in gorgeous piles of leaves, the weathermen get all excited and warn us it's coming.  The cold, cold, cold and wet is coming.  A good, 20 degrees colder type cold.
So we've lived it up these past few weeks.  A parade of soccer, dance, gymnastics and raising babies.  No doubt a fabulous recipe cookin' up a fresh serving of the seasons many things to enjoy.

Our front yard is nothing special and for some reason it's the one place they all want to be in the early evenings.  Sometimes it's frolicking and wonderful and other times I want to drop kick everyone if I hear one more time about who took whose ball and whose turn it is with whoever's scooter.

But all in all I would agree with my little ladies that it's the place to be and I know one day it will be the thing I really miss.

I don't know what it is about this time of year but somewhere between Ann Voskamp's graceful reminders of gratitude building the bridge of trust in the Bridge Maker and the season of thankfulness around the corner, I'm all sappy and emotional.

And not because life is easy and simple, but because it's everything to do with the pile of laundry that has sat on my living room couch for a week.
A week.
It's everything to do with leaving an early morning time with the Lord only to turn around and respond with venom because he didn't do it how I wanted or she disobeyed for the hundredth time and it's only 7am.  It's because sometimes by mid morning I've already taken the crumbs of deception from the enemy and have worn them like truth and identity.

my lovely Mama

Things are hard, life is hard.  Raising babies is hard.  Marriage is hard.  It's not the absence of challenge but the presence of gratitude and choice.

I am grateful.

Grateful for my jumbled thoughts of gratitude, worry, plans, preparations, joy.  Grateful for what's in front of me.
With the lovely Amanda...warrior posing
I'm thankful for the way my friends love my babies, for the way I come home and hear her laughter before I even step foot in the house.

Thankful for a night walking streets with friends and bundled babies.

Gorgeous Laura and Rapunzel
I'm grateful for an evening of walking through the neighborhood with friends and watching these babies make memories.

My girls made a collective effort this year to run with the same theme for costumes and my sweet mama happily met their requests.  Tinkerbell, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and a fairy flower.

Thankful for this baby girl.  
Let's be honest, it's usually because she's doing the exact opposite of what I've told her to do.  She's pushing every button in me right now, all at once, usually while screaming "no".

At the same time she's the queen of lobbies and sidelines for her older sisters activities and she does it well.  She wanders around, she cheers, she watches.

I guess I'll keep her.

I'm grateful for Saturdays spent on soccer fields and chasing siblings and keeping babies happy.  Parades of little ones learning and growing.

The parade continues of little ones learning and proudly showing us all they're capable of.  We sat with other parents taking video in one hand, snap shots in the other, peeking around cameras to watch her smile and dance.

And the welcoming cheers of fall continued through the weekend.  We met family at the ranch in east Texas for some laid back fun.  Some fishing, hunting, four wheeling, card playing kind of fun.

Something about phone service not working as well and breaking away from the every day that's just good for the soul.

My Bella amazes me, she's been working so hard.  We've been so blessed with our little dream team of folks committed to seeing her improve and progress.  My girl is in therapy every week and we work with her at home daily.  Our next visit with our neurologist is in a few months and until then we're pulling out all the stops to get our girl strong and walking.  Our therapist recommended orthotics and so far she's been at champ at adjusting.

Every day I get to choose Him and choose His peace over the fears that relentlessly attempt to seep in.

I am grateful.

Grateful for the way he loves his girls.

I read a blog earlier this week and the focus was on when you aren't sure what to do, when you're tempted to worry about tomorrow and next week.  When the unknown overwhelms and the worry consumes, do the thing in front of you.
Loving these wise words to not worry about tomorrow but to choose now.
To look up for His grace, to walk out in the destiny He's prepared, and look down at her.
Parades of gratitude.


  1. LOVE! Love your hair, love a sweet girl sipping Starbucks from a red cup, love the bobbed haircuts. Just got mine bobbed and I feel so free! LOL. Thank you for blogging!

  2. beautiful family! love the sass, adventures and truth! hugs and sunshine!